Working at Liquid Church

You want to make a difference in the world. You want to work at a place you love with people you actually like. And... you want to use your God-given talent to advance the Gospel. Sounds like we might be a match! It's time to consider a job at Liquid Church.

Staff Values: Trust

We build healthy relationships.

At Liquid Church, we want to foster a culture of trust. We want to build a working environment that will encourage employees to share opinions, express ideas, make suggestions, and choose to trust each other and their leaders. When there are questions or doubts, we speak to each other directly and not about each other. We value transparency, authenticity, and openness. Ultimately, we want to build healthy working relationships. We believe that's one reason for our low staff turnover rate, a great indication of staff health!

staff values: excellence

We work toward the same goal with excellence.

We believe excellence honors God and inspires people. As Christ followers, we have the greatest message on the planet: the Gospel of salvation! We believe this timeless, relevant truth needs to be communicated with power and excellence. It's important to note that excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude that touches every area of ministry. Excellence requires careful planning, precision programming, and honest feedback. At the same time, we acknowledge that perfection is never our goal. Where we fall short, we trust the Holy Spirit will fill in the gaps.

staff values: humility

We laugh hard and stay humble.

At Liquid Church, we take God seriously, and ourselves not so much! Having humility and a sense of humor are essential qualities of Liquid leaders. Humility asks the question, “how can I help you?” It's an attitude that asks the question, “how can I learn from you?” Successful staff put others first. They are honest about their weaknesses and fearlessly solicit feedback in order to grow. A teachable spirit is paramount. You will work well at Liquid if you know how to laugh at yourself, have fun, and enjoy others as we serve the Lord together!  

Open Positions

Take this opportunity to review all our jobs currently open at Liquid Church. We are always looking for new leaders who are passionate about using their gifts to serve God.

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