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Central America

We believe every person on the planet deserves access to safe drinking water.

Bringing Clean Water To Central America

Liquid has sent out more than 400 short-term missionaries – volunteers we call Water Warriors – on week-long missions trips to drill wells and bring clean water to the thirsty around the world. It all began 10 years ago with our first trip to Central America in partnership with Living Water International and our work continues there today!

In 2016, we celebrated the completion of our $500,000 WASH program (water access, sanitation, hygiene) in Nicaragua that included the opening of 81 clean water wells in remote villages. For drill teams in El Salvador we’ve purchased a rock drill rig, mounting trailer, tow truck, and spare parts to make their work possible. Our teams have also served in Honduras and Guatemala – with new Central America trips on the horizon.

It’s a powerful moment to “hit water” and open a new well in a village, providing them with clean water for the first time. But, clean water has no benefit if it’s contaminated after it leaves the pump. So, we also fund and support sanitation and hygiene projects that include the building of latrines and handwashing stations along with education designed to empower entire communities as they learn to prevent disease and keep water safe.

Change The Future Of An Entire Village!

We’ve designed clean water trips so that people of all abilities can have a global impact. If you’re new to the Clean Water Cause – a trip to Central America is your starting point. Join us and bring clean water to the thirsty!

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