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Meet Margarita

One Child’s Clean Water Story

Fetching dirty water from rivers, streams, and ponds is a daily burden, carried mostly by women and young girls. In Africa alone, women spend 10 BILLION HOURS a year collecting water. They sacrifice their health, education, and well-being for dirty water because it’s their only option.

On our first visit to Rwanda in 2015, we met 11-year-old Margarita as she was fetching water for her family to use for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The pond was contaminated – murky water full of bugs, scum, and shared by the village animals. Five times a day, Margarita carried a 40 pound jerrycan of toxic water uphill to her family farm. It was a daily chore that kept her from getting an education – because her days were filled with collecting water, that in a cruel twist, made her family continually sick.

The clean water crisis is a global epidemic that’s entirely preventable. Where Margarita lives there is an aquifer of pure, potable water 360 feet underground, but the families in her village who exist on subsistence farming lacked the finances, equipment, and ability to access the water.

Liquid Church is committed to bringing clean water to Rwanda, helping to transform the lives of rural Rwandans like Margarita. In fact, her village of Gasharu was the site of our first clean water well in Rwanda! In partnership with Living Water International, we funded and drilled a clean water well in the center of Margarita’s village.

In 2018, we returned to Gasharu and received wonderful news – Margarita was healthy and going to school. Access to clean water was rippling out and impacting her life in incredible ways. In fact, we heard reports throughout the village of improved health and well-being – entire families that had battled illness on a daily basis were now thriving thanks to the gift of clean, safe, drinking water!

The Gift Of Clean Water.

Your financial generosity could bring an entire village clean drinking water! If you feel called to support the Clean Water Cause with your financial resources, we invite you to learn more about how you can have an impact!

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