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We believe a cup of clean water can change the world, one life at a time.

Bringing Clean Water To Rwanda

Liquid Church was brand-new with barely enough money to survive Sunday to Sunday when we felt called to the Clean Water Cause. Our first 10 wells (of 360 today) were located in Ethiopia. Our journey began in Africa, and we’re still at work there today!

Known as the “land of a thousand hills,” Rwanda is a beautiful country in Central East Africa where our brothers and sisters are bravely rebuilding their nation as they continue to recover from the horrific 1994 genocide that killed roughly 1 million people in 100 days. Rwandans have embarked on an incredible journey of grace and forgiveness that’s helped stabilize the country for a new generation. But, clean, safe, drinking water is needed for true, lasting progress.

Approximately 25% of Rwanda lacks access to safe water today, but Rwandans have an ambitious goal – to become the first country in Africa with 100% access to clean water.

Clean water has the ability to change lives! It’s the foundation for all other levels of development. For the millions of thirsty people in Rwanda, safe water can ultimately transform their health, safety, education, and livelihoods. Now, that’s making an impact!

In 2015, Liquid committed to coming alongside the country of Rwanda to help them achieve 100% access to clean water. That commitment started with the donation of a $250,000 high-speed drill rig capable of reaching and drilling in remote villages. To date, we've helped open 153 clean water wells throughout the Busasamana and Ruhango districts of Rwanda!

Your support of the clean water cause will help us continue to work towards the completion of our WASH program (water access, sanitation, hygiene) in Rwanda. Join us!

One Child’s Story.

The impact of fetching dirty water is felt most by young girls - who sacrifice their health, safety, and education to bring water to their families. Without access to clean water, this arduous daily task to collect toxic water is their only option. Experience one child’s sweet story of redemption. We invite you to meet Margarita!

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