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Clean Water Cause

True to our name, Liquid has a passion for bringing Clean Water to the world.

Marita’s Clean Water Story

Where we live, clean water is a given. If you’re thirsty, turn on the tap and clean water comes right out.  

The truth is – we’re in the minority. Right now, 711 million people on the planet still don’t have access to clean, safe, drinking water. To put the clean water crisis in perspective: diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than wars and terrorism combined.

At Liquid Church, Clean Water is our global cause – and we envision a day when every person on the planet has access to safe drinking water! That’s why we’re committed to sending financial support and manpower to countries around the world.

With the help of our global partners, we support clean water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in Africa and Central America. To date, we have drilled more than 360 clean water wells in 9 nations, bringing clean water to over 130,000 people. Together, we've donated more than $3 million to the Clean Water Cause!

We can’t do this without you! GIVE to the cause - fund a water well and impact an entire village! Or GO on a Clean Water Trip and provide the manpower needed to bring a community clean water.

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Clean Water Staff

I can help with local or global outreach questions.

Kristin Flynn
Outreach Director