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LIQUID CHURCH: 6 Currents To Saturate Your City For Christ

Christian Leadership Book By Tim Lucas and Warren Bird


In today’s fluid culture, many churches are adrift- longing to reach spiritually thirsty people, but failing to make an impact. Have you noticed?

Congregations are stuck or declining.
Millennials and Gen Z are walking away.
Volunteers and their generosity are drying up.

Is your city, town, or neighborhood spiritually dry? Do you long to see more of the living water of Jesus flowing freely through your community, generating a fresh wave of ministry momentum?

Buckle up: you’re in for a whitewater ride!

Liquid Church: 6 Powerful Currents to Saturate Your City for Christ is a book by Pastor Tim Lucas and award-winning researcher Dr. Warren Bird. Together, they tell the fascinating story of a New Jersey church that began “on accident” and grew into one of America’s 100 Fastest-Growing Churches, with over 5,000 in weekly attendance and more than 2,400 baptisms to date. Their secret? They harnessed the power of six powerful ministry currents sweeping across North America including: special needs, creative communication, ministry mergers, compassionate cause, radical generosity, and leadership culture.

With powerful stories and scriptural insights, backed by national research, Tim Lucas and Warren Bird describe dozens of fresh ideas, new ministry wineskins, and hard-won leadership learnings that resonate with rising generations in today’s “show-then-tell” culture. Each chapter includes practical tools, real-life examples, and links to “Other Churches Making Waves” with cutting-edge ministry ideas designed to help saturate your city for Christ.

Whether you serve a brand-new church plant, fast-growing congregation, or an aging ministry ready for reinvention, Liquid Church is an inspiring and practical guide for leaders ready to reach their spiritually thirsty neighbors-- those who have given up on church, but haven’t given up on God.

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About The Authors

Tim Lucas


TIM LUCAS is the founder and lead pastor of Liquid Church, named one of America's 100 Fastest-Growing Churches by Outreach magazine (2019). Tim started Liquid "on accident" with a dozen twenty-something friends meeting in the basement of a 150-year old church. Since launching in 2007, Liquid has experienced rapid growth and thousands of changed lives. The innovative church has grown to seven locations across New Jersey with 5,000 people in attendance and more than 2,400 baptisms to date.

A dynamic communicator, Tim is a sought-after conference speaker known for creatively communicating the Bible to post-Christian audiences with passion, heart, and humor. His innovative approaches to outreach have been spotlighted by Fox News, CNN, The Today Show and the New York Times.

Tim leads the Northeast Pastors Coaching Network to equip and mentor senior pastors, ministry leaders, and church planters to reach the next generation for Christ.

A graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Tim and his wife Colleen raise their two children just outside of New York City.

SPEAKER: For speaking requests and coaching inquiries, contact Jannet@LiquidChurch.com.

SOCIAL: Follow Tim on Instagram @pastortimlucas

Warren Bird


WARREN BIRD is an award-winning writer and researcher and currently serves as vice president for research and equipping at the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA.org). His background includes pastoring and seminary teaching, and a 13-year run as research director at Leadership Network.

Warren has authored or co-authored 30 previous books including Hero Maker (Dave Ferguson as lead author), How to Break Growth Barriers (Carl George as lead author) and Unleashing the Word (Max McLean as lead author).

Warren is a graduate of Wheaton College (BA, MA), Alliance Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Fordham University (Ph.D.). He and his college sweetheart wife Michelle live in Metro New York City.

SOCIAL: Follow him on Twitter @warrenbird

What Others Are Saying

“Liquid Church has a big, holy, audacious goal — to saturate its entire state for Christ. If you’re passionate about impacting your city with the Gospel, read this powerful book for fresh ideas that will build your faith.”

– CRAIG GROESCHEL Pastor of Life.Church and New York Times Best Selling Author

“I love the biblical basis of this powerful book: Ezekiel’s vision of a tiny trickle turning into a raging river that brings life to every spiritually dry area in its path (Ezekiel 47:1-12). If you want to saturate your city with the living water of Jesus, I dare you to pray the bold prayer that the leaders of Liquid Church prayed!”

– MARK BATTERSON New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor of National Community Church

“This book will grip you, just like Tim’s teaching and leadership have gripped so many thousands of people in the Northeast and beyond. In my view, the chapter on preaching (Chapter 5) is worth the price of the book alone. If you want to reach the next generation of young adults, you’ve picked up the right book.”

– CAREY NIEUWHOF Host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast; founding pastor of Connexus Church; best-selling author of Didn’t See It Coming

“Like a refreshing drink of cool water, Tim, Warren, and the entire Liquid Church community offer us practical and inspired strategies for our dried up and tired ministry models. I work with a lot of leaders who are stuck in the conversation about ‘what’s wrong with churches these days’, but Liquid Church is pointing the way of hope for reaching our post-modern culture and re-inventing church for the next generations. I highly recommend this resource as a trustworthy guide to innovate ministry for your local context.”

– KADI COLE Leadership Consultant and author of Developing Female Leaders, kadicole.com

“When I read Liquid Church, it felt like a Purpose-Driven Church for today’s generation of leaders. Tim is one of the best communicators in North America… This book should be on every church leader’s ‘required reading’ list if you want to make a deep impact in your community!”

– RICH BIRCH Host of the unSeminary podcast and author of Church Growth Flywheel

“In Liquid Church, Tim Lucas and Warren Bird offer the rare combination of timeless truth and cultural relevance. These aren’t trendy ideas that work for a short season. Instead, you’ll find powerful principles (clothed in a modern-day application) that work anywhere and in any context. I found the chapter on Loving the Overlooked (Chapter 4) to be particularly powerful as it laid out a strategy closely aligned with the actual ministry of Jesus but far too often completely ignored today. Grab your team and work your way through the ideas and insights of Liquid Church together. You’ll be glad you did.”

– LARRY OSBORNE Pastor of North Coast Church and best-selling author of Thriving in Babylon

“Tim Lucas and Warren Bird’s resourceful book brings practicality and passion together like two rivers converging toward an ocean of possibilities. Tim is a master communicator who has inspired thousands of people in the Northeast, an area notorious for apathy toward the local church, inspiring positive change on multiple levels in the state of New Jersey and beyond. The saturation strategy in this book can show your church new ways to impact your community for Christ– read it and realize your church’s full potential!”

– WAYNE FRANCIS Lead Pastor of Authentic Church (New York)

“Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of pastoring in two incredible churches: Saddleback and Liquid. Having witnessed firsthand Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church change the landscape for a generation of leaders, I see Tim Lucas’ Liquid Church doing the same for this generation and beyond. The story and practices here have directly impacted who I am and how I do ministry. It will do the same for you.”

– TOM KANG Lead Pastor of NewStory Church

“Liquid Church provides fresh insight, strategy and practicality on how to impact a world that is ever changing and introduce them to an unchangeable, immense and loving God. It will not only inspire you, but it will also challenge to go into the deep with Holy Spirit. To be bold in your prayers and see how the Lord will unleash His manifest presence. It truly renews passion, hope and faith for revival now and for the future generations.”

– ANDI ANDREW Cofounder of Liberty Church (NYC); Speaker, Author, and Founder of She is Free

“I love it when I hear about a church working to reach its city for Jesus. In this book, Tim Lucas unpacks ideas that I believe will help you reach your city. His words come from a deep well of experience of someone who has worked hard to crack the code for their city. When you’re setting out to learn something, make sure you learn from someone who is winning at it. When it comes to reaching your city, Tim is definitely one of those who is winning at it.”

– DINO RIZZO Executive Director, ARC (Association of Related Churches), and Associate Pastor, Church of the Highlands

“Our 18th century ancestors had a question when they heard someone had written a book: “Is it worth the candle?” More than a candle, Liquid Church is worth its own chandelier so many times will you be turning it on. More than a book, it’s a resource, a handbook, a shot of adrenalin, cortisone, and espresso to lift up the minds, bodies and spirits of those sailing these new seas.”

– LEONARD SWEET Best-selling author (Rings of Fire); professor (Drew University, George Fox University, Evangelical Seminary, Tabor College); and founder/chief contributor to preachthestory.com

“Just like Pastor Tim and the Liquid Church Family, this book pours forth with radiant smiles, delightful humor, deep truth, contagious action, and unlimited generosity – what a gift! Hundreds of thousands are grateful that God inspired Tim to pray “open my eyes Lord,” which He did… and so will this beautiful book!”

– MICHAEL J. MANTEL, Ph.D. President & CEO, Living Water International

“If you’re looking to be challenged, stimulated, and coached in the area of church growth, look no further. Tim Lucas holds no punches in Liquid Church. Like most good coaches he skillfully provides correction to outdated thinking without the aftertaste of resentment. Tim is an innovator. He pushes the envelope of experimentation for the sake of souls. If soul-winning is your focus let Tim mentor you in how to contextualize the gospel to effectively engage today’s culture. ”

– DAVID D. IRELAND, Ph.D. Lead Pastor & Author One in Christ; The Kneeling Warrior www.DavidIreland.org

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