We’re excited that you’re interested in joining a Group!

Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions people have about joining a Liquid Group. Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

1. What is a Liquid Group?

Liquid Groups are small groups of people in a similar area of town or stage of life who meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth together. Groups at Liquid have 3 main ingredients that we call the ABCs:

  • Apply the Bible – We take what we learn on Sundays and and apply it to our daily lives
  • Bear Burdens – We give and receive loving care and prayer for the trials of life
  • Chance to Serve – We put our faith into action – joining arms to serve our neighbors-in-need

2. Who are Groups for?

Whether you’re brand-new to Liquid or you’ve been coming for years, a Group is a great next step for ANYONE who wants to grow in relationship with God and others through healthy, meaningful relationships.

3. I’m new to this whole church/God thing… is this the right place for me?

Groups are a great place to grow spiritually through relationships. They are safe places for you to ask the kinds of questions you may have about God and the church!  

4. What is a typical Group meeting like?

Each Group is unique, but generally all Groups have some social time with snacks and conversation up front, followed by a time of study and prayer. The meeting will last somewhere around 1 &1/2 to 2 hours.

5. What will we study?

Our Groups do a variety of studies, such as sermon-based studies written by Pastors Tim and Nithin that are based on Liquid’s Sunday messages. Other Groups dive into various Bible studies and books that have been approved by Liquid’s Groups Department. You may even take part in a church-wide study!

6. How often will we meet?

Groups meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during the course of three semester sessions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Summers are “off,” but Groups are encouraged to do something Social (bbq) and Serve at least once (outreach) during the Summer together.

7. Where will we meet?

For this new season, Small Groups will meet in virtual spaces (Google Hangout, Google Hangout Meet, Zoom) or by phone.

8. How long will my Group last?

Groups typically meet for 1-2 years to allow relationships to deepen and community bonds to be forged. However, there are natural on and off ramps built into the life cycle of every Group (e.g., breaks between studies and semesters), so you’ll be able to transition out of the Group if it’s not the best fit for you, or if your circumstances change. 

9. What about childcare?

Each individual Group is responsible for deciding how to handle childcare needs. Some options are:

  • Have parents arrange for sitters on their own and attend the Group without children.
  • Chip in together for a sitter who watches the kids in a different room while your Group meets.
  • Group members take turns watching the kids each week.