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Wind & Fire: Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Liquid Church
Mar 14, 2020

Do you know what baptism in the Holy Spirit means? The Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood member of the Trinity - which explains the "power outage" in the lives of many Christians! That's why this Spring, Liquid Church is on a journey to seek a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 19 in the New Testament of the Bible, we learn that the Apostle Paul baptized followers of Jesus - and during this baptism, something amazing took place! The followers of Jesus, who were called disciples, were filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to show miraculous signs of God's Spirit among them, such as speaking in tongues and prophesying. However, miracles aren't the only signs of God's Spirit in a believer: In fact, sometimes when you're filled with the Holy Spirit, you may even feel heat, sometimes peace, or even joy and laughter!

While we all respond to Baptism of the Holy Spirit in different ways, the main thing we should focus on here is that through these baptisms, God is doing a deep, internal work in us. When we are baptized by God's spirit, we go from spiritually dead to alive in Christ. Did you know the Bible actually describes 3 kinds of baptism?


The first baptism in the Spirit is baptism at salvation. It's the initial soaking of the Holy Spirit that we receive when we first become followers of Jesus. This takes place when you repent, or turn away from your sin, self-centeredness, shallowness and fakeness to embrace who God has made you to be. See, sin is anything that separates us from a relationship with God, our Creator, and is the root cause of all the evil and suffering in our world today. The thing is, God longs to have a relationship with you, which is why He sent Jesus into the world - to take our sins upon Himself so that they would no longer separate us from God.


The second baptism in the Holy Spirit is water baptism. In the Bible, we see Jesus model this for us. Baptism in water is the outward expression of baptism at salvation. This type of baptism symbolically tells the world that you are turning away from sin, your old habits, patterns and old dysfunctions - because now, you follow Jesus and his Spirit makes you new and alive! If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, then baptism in the water is your next step. Interested in learning more? Visit LiquidChurch.com/Baptism to check out frequently asked questions about water baptism. You can even fill out an interest form, and we'll notify you when registration for Spring Baptism is open.


The third type of baptism in the holy spirit is a continual experience of receiving renewal from God's Spirit... to live out the life God intended for us to live! As God's Spirit moves in our lives, over time we start to experience more and more victory over old sin patterns and lies about yourself that you once believed. While we still struggle with sin and doubt at times, we don't need to ignore the Holy Spirit's guidance and promptings. If you're struggling with the same sin and blind spots, maybe it's time for a fresh filling of the Spirit of God!

If you feel stuck in your faith, we want to pray for you. Share your prayer requests with us at LiquidChurch.com/Prayer - our prayer teams are ready to support you and we long to come alongside you on your spiritual journey!