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What Is Baptism And Why Is It Important?

Liquid Church
Nov 19, 2021

When it comes to baptism, it seems that confusion is normal since many faith traditions and denominations tend to conduct baptism in different ways. But what is baptism after all, and why is it important to the Christian faith? 


Baptism Sunday is an exciting day in the life of our church because baptism is a beautiful physical symbol of a greater spiritual reality: Our new life in Christ. When you enter the waters of baptism, it symbolizes the death of Jesus on the Cross and the dying to our sin. When we’re raised out of the waters of baptism, it symbolizes that we are being raised to life, just like Jesus was raised to life three days after his death. 


A great example of the importance of baptism can be seen in Acts 9. Saul was a Jewish leader who was persecuting early Christians when the Risen Jesus revealed himself to Saul in a powerful way. During this conversion experience, the Scripture tells us that something like scales fell from Saul's eyes. At this time, Saul realized the darkness of his sin as the light of Christ poured into his life. Then, the Scripture in Acts 9:17-19 says that Saul immediately got up and was baptized. He was even given a brand new name - Paul - and went on to become one of God's most powerful witnesses of the early Church.

Baptism was an important step in Paul's spiritual journey, but understand this: Paul didn't experience salvation because he got baptized. Rather, the Bible is clear that salvation comes through simple faith in the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross as a substitute for our sins against God.


If you do not yet know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, today can be your day of salvation. Maybe you have things you need to confess to God. Come to Christ and receive His free gift of forgiveness. That's God's Holy Spirit working inside of you. Believe that Jesus died on the Cross and rose from the dead so that you can be forgiven of your sins and spend eternity with God.

Here is a prayer that you can pray to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior today:

Heavenly Father, I come to you with a humble heart.  I admit I’m a sinner and need a Savior. Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the Cross in my place and be raised to life. Jesus, forgive me of my sin. I turn from it now. Save me. Come into my heart.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit and make me Brand New!  Thank you, Lord-- I commit to follow you all of my days. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Since Jesus went public about His love for us on the Cross, we can go public about our love for Him through baptism. If you are a new believer and want to learn more about baptism or how you can take your next steps in your spiritual journey, visit us online at LiquidChurch.com/New.