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Quench Their Thirst

Liquid Church
Sep 27, 2019

As we continue our All-Church Groups Experience this week, I want to encourage you to get up off the couch and put FEET TO YOUR FAITH as we bring hope and healing to our brothers and sisters in East Africa. See, clean water is something you and I take for granted. If we get thirsty, we grab a Fiji or Poland Spring. Did you know that right now, 663 million people in our world lack access to safe, clean drinking water? That's 1 in 10 of us! That's why I want to call your whole Group to join us on a critical mission as we Run For Rwanda on Saturday, October 19th!


The nation of Rwanda has an inspiring goal: To become the 1st country in Africa with 100% access to clean drinking water. Here at Liquid Church, we're on track to help them make HISTORY! See, in 1994 Rwanda underwent a horrific genocide that killed 1 million people in 100 days. Now, 25 years later, by God's grace the country of Rwanda has TRANSFORMED. Rwanda is now considered the SAFEST country on the continent of Africa, and it's capital city, Kigali, is cleaner than New York City!

Don't get me wrong... Rwanda is still poor, and 90% of the economy relies on subsistence farming. However, this country has embarked on an incredible journey of healing and reconciliation. That's why here at Liquid, we feel so honored to help Rwanda accomplish it's goal to become the 1st country in Africa with 100% access to clean water.


As I mention in my new book, Liquid Church, HALF of the world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water-related diseases. In fact, diseases from dirty water kill more children every year than global wars and terrorism COMBINED! In Rwanda, this is all completely preventable! See, four years ago, we caught God's heart for our thirsty brothers and sisters in Africa. We gave the Rwandans a gift: A heavy-duty drill rig to dig deep down to fresh-water aquifers beneath the Earth's surface.

See, at Liquid, we take the Bible literally and know powerful things can happen when we actually do what Jesus says. Since we funded our 1st well 10 years ago, we've completed over 280 water projects in 9 nations... bringing clean water to over 100,000 people! Understand, this isn't just about social justic or being a good humanitarian. This is about traveling to the ends of the earth to bring God's water of life - which saves both body and soul together!


Now, this is where you and I come in: Will you lace up your sneakers and Run For Rwanda on Saturday, October 19th? Together, we're making history by bringing clean water to thirsty families in Jesus' name! Whether you walk, run, roll or stroll, there's an opportunity for everyone to participate. Can't run or walk? Volunteer on race day to help us make this incredible event a huge success!

To learn more and sign-up to join us on October 19th, visit RunForRwanda.com. We'll see you on race day!