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Psalm 91: God’s Promise Of Protection

Liquid Church
Mar 20, 2020

We live in uncertain times and daily life has been turned upside down by the spread of COVID-19. During this moment of unprecedented disruption and fear of the coronavirus pandemic, God has a message for us, the modern church, in Psalm 91. In this Psalm, we see a powerful promise of protection from God in a time of a global pandemic.


In verse 1 of Psalm 91, the first thing God calls his people to do in a time of crisis is to rest. To dwell in his shelter! See, you don't have anything to fear when you know who shelters you. God is watching over you - and anything that threatens you. Next, in verse 2, God is named "my refuge and my fortress". So, it doesn't matter the size of the problem - God is a refuge for small, everyday problems and a mighty fortress in the face of large-scale attacks! So, ask yourself: when a crisis comes, who do you trust?


As we continue through Psalm 91 to verses 5-7, we learn that we have 24-7 protection from God. He's awake when you're asleep watching over you. You can cast out every fear and anchor your heart in bold faith.

Now, in times like these, the battleground for this crisis isn't just physical - it's mental and emotional, too. Mentally, be careful not to constantly check social media and watch the news 24-7 during this time: There's so much fear-mongering out there, and as followers of Christ, there is no need to let fear hijack your mind or heart. Physically, are you taking common-sense precautions? Wash your hands and social distance. Do everything the professionals tell you, just do it without fear. Are you caring for seniors? Loneliness is real - write your senior neighbor a note or ask if they need groceries delivered. What about praying for healthcare workers? Pray Psalm 91 as a prayer of protection over them, that God would sustain them as they care for the sick and minister to the hurting!

Guys, God has the devil on a chain like a stubborn dog - He can only go so far! When Satan runs at you and fear rises up, you can stand your ground. And if you want God's perfect peace in times of trouble, you need to dwell in His presence. Draw close to Christ in prayer. While Christians still have hardship, we can know that God will never leave us, and our eternal security is forever safe in Christ! Let Christ shelter you under His wings of protection today.

We are here to support you - Have a prayer request to share? Let us know at LiquidChurch.com/Prayer and our prayer teams will be praying over you and your family!