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Playlist Series: Worship

Liquid Church
Oct 25, 2019

I believe most people love music - whether it's rap and hip-hop, rock and EDM, or Jazz and R&B, we all have music that speaks to us, and it almost becomes the soundtrack to our lives. Did you know Jesus had a playlist called the Psalms? Like the music we listen to, the Psalms express what we are feeling - good or bad - to God. Throughout our new series, Playlist, we'll be exploring Jesus' playlist in the Psalms together.


We're starting our series on the Psalms by looking at what True Worship looks like in Psalm 63. This Psalm was written by King David, and scholars believe he wrote it in the Desert of Judah while on the run from his son Absolom, who staged a military coup to overthrow him from his throne. In one of the darkest times of David's life, he writes a Psalm of Praise, where he clings to God, declaring his trust and confidence in Him. However, David doesn't shy away from the fact that he's distressed and anxious - so he tells God how he is honestly feeling.

When you worship and pray, are you honest with God? Do you worship God from a raw and real place? David knew God would quench His thirst in the desert, so he was real and cried out to Him for help. Likewise, true worship quences our spiritual thirst.


Spiritual thirst is something we feel throughout our lives. In fact, Tim Keller identifies 3 main spiritual thirsts in the form of satisfaction, security and significance. While we often try to quench these thirsts through ways of this world - like binge-watching Netflix to gain some rest - ultimately, the satisfaction doesn't last. That's why, in the middle of the desert, David declares God has the power to quenceh even his deepest thirsts and displace his anxiety and fear.


In the face of our dark and fearful thoughts, we have a choice to praise. When you worship Jesus, it changes how you approach your situations and circumstances. This is why we NEED to worship Jesus throughout our week - not just on Sunday for 20 minutes during church!

I had the chance to chat about True Worship with Clint Taylor, our Worship Pastor here at Liquid. One thing he said that stuck out for me was that true worship comes from a life surrendered and devoted to God. It's a posture of the heart where we stay surrendered to God and seek His will instead of our own.

At the end of the day, will you turn to God in worship? Will you surrender your heart to Him, whether you face difficult circumstances or good times? Let God satisfy you in worship all throughout this week!