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Playlist: Confession

Liquid Church
Nov 8, 2019

As we continue our Playlist series, we're exploring the role of music as the soundtrack to our lives. We know Jesus had a playlist called the Psalms, which are ancient worship and praise songs to God that Jesus would have learned and memorized as a boy. Last week, we learned that we all go through seasons of spiritually cruising, crashing and crushing it... but what happens when you are the reason for the crashing? In Psalm 51, King David of the Israelites sings a song of apology to God.


We know from 2 Samuel 11-13 in the Bible that David wrote Psalm 51 after facing the consequences of an affair with a woman named Bathsheba. See, David got Bathsheba pregnant, tried to cover up his sin, and didn't get away with it. In fact, there were incredible political and relational consequences. However, in Psalm 51, David teaches us what to do when we crash our own lives. He starts by praying a radical prayer of confession to God... then repents of his sin... and ends by asking God to restore him.

In Psalm 51, David demonstrates biblical repentance, which is all about making a change in direction to get back on the right spiritual path. This process is made up of a series of steps, the first of which is to take ownership of your sin.

1. Take Ownership Of Your Sin

In Psalm 51:3-4, David takes the first step of repentance by acknowledging to God that he sinned, first and foremost, against God. He recognizes that not only did he sin in this one situation, but he's actually been sinful since birth. Like David, do you recognize your own innate desire to rebel against God? Do you sense this longing to choose your own way over the ways of God? See, once David realized his sin was a symptom of something much deeper, he knew - and we can learn from this - that the next step in repentance was to ask God for a clean heart.

2. Ask God For A Clean Heart

When you crash as a result of sin, know that God wants to restore you. He wants to heal you and make you brand new... to cleanse you of your sin and give you a new heart. When you repent, you're actually turning towards God. He can restore your joy, your peace, your hopes, and give you healing! Isn't that a miracle? Last, but not least, Psalm 51 teaches us to look to Jesus for our restoration.

3. Look To Jesus For Restoration

If you are a Christian, then you know that restoration in your relationship with God is only possible through the Cross. See, on the Cross, Jesus took our sin so that when we repent of it, He can restore us. We may still experience consequences from our sin in this world, but thanks be to Christ, our sin no longer defines us. Will you let your identity as a restored, redeemed child of God define you today? Your sin is not the end of the story, because Jesus defeated both death and sin on the Cross for you!