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How The Church Can Prepare For Jesus’ Return

Liquid Church
Sep 11, 2020

Is your spiritual oil tank full? As we begin new Fall rhythms, we simply can't afford to run our spiritual engines with low oil. Truth be told, we can actually learn a lot about the importance of oil to illuminate our spiritual lives in Matthew 25:1-13. In the Parable of the Ten Virgins or Bridesmaids, we learn from Jesus how the Church can prepare for Christ’s triumphant return.


This Bible story introduces us to wise bridesmaids who filled their lamps with oil. This oil signifies their preparedness for an ancient wedding. We also meet several foolish bridesmaids who were found unprepared and without oil to light their lamps when the wedding began. Ultimately, this story shows the powerful truth of the condition of God’s Church in the Last Days before Jesus Christ’s return. See, Jesus said he would go to Jerusalem to die on a Cross, be resurrected from the dead, and ascend into Heaven. But, He knew He would return. He warned that in the last days before His second coming, violence and wickedness would increase.


This ancient passage has significant meaning for Christians today: Many of which are asleep like the foolish Bridesmaids. See, the 10 bridesmaids or virgins represent us: Jesus' Church. The lamps they carried represent the Word of God, while the oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The wise virgins had both - and this is what the Church needs to stay faithful to God in these faithless times. We need the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!


When Jesus finally returns, will you be prepared? In these difficult days and often dark culture, we NEED a fresh anointing of God's Spirit. We NEED renewal through His word. You simply cannot sustain an anointed spiritual life on a stale, forgotten relationship with God. In fact, Tim Keller says one of the key signs of genuine spiritual revival is that sleepy Christians will awake to see their true state and wholeheartedly repent, or turn away from sin and back to God. In this repentance, a faith that was once low on oil starts burning again with passion!

So, will you get a spiritual oil change this Fall? We encourage you to keep God fresh in your life each day by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and reading God’s word, so that we all may be prepared for Jesus’ return in the Last Days. Ask God today to gently surface any unconfessed sins. Then, ask Him to forgive you. Truly, He will cleanse and remove the grit and grime in your life to restore you to union with Christ. We pray you'll ask God's Spirit to WAKE YOU UP - and give you fresh strength this Fall!

To learn more about how the church can prepare for Jesus' triumphant return, check out the full message from Pastor Tim Lucas at LiquidChurch.com/Messages.