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No Experience Needed: A Beginner’s Guide To Run For Rwanda

Liquid Church
Sep 20, 2019

Maybe you’re not a runner. You never were and think you never could be. So, Run For Rwanda sounds like a great event… for someone else. But, let’s face it, you really would like to get your hands on one of those custom dri-FIT shirts!

That said, here are 3 rules for beginners:

Rule #1: Understand WHY You’re Running

How fast you run or whether you walk isn’t important. You don’t have to go out and buy running gear or strive to achieve a 6-minute mile. This is a race that welcomes beginners!

Why? Because we’re all lacing up for the same reason - a reason that’s bigger than our insecurities and perceived limitations. We’re running to bring safe, clean, drinking water to Rwanda. Understanding why you’re running is the motivation to get moving!

Rule #2: This Is Not A Competition

Running is a very objective sport. If you participate in a race, there's no denying your finish time. That means it's easy to compare yourself to others. But, the Run For Rwanda isn’t about keeping score. We’ll celebrate your effort and your self-improvement, but ultimately we’ll celebrate the life-change your participation helps make possible!

Rule #3: Keep It Fun

If #ChurchIsFun, you better believe that #RunForRwanda is fun! On October 19th, you’ll be connected to a larger group of friendly people who are lacing up with the same purpose - to make a difference. Enjoy the fresh air, the camaraderie, and the energy of race day.

If you want to strive for an all-time personal best time - by all means, go for it. If you want to walk at a leisurely pace and chat with friends, do it. We’ll be praising you for your participation.

All you have to do now is to commit to showing up! And, that, my friend, is your next step! www.RunForRwanda.com.