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Let’s Talk About Sex!

Liquid Church
Feb 15, 2019

Today, we're having a very candid conversation about the art of Godly love-making... Let's Talk About Sex! Today, we live in a culture that views sex as a GOD... as the ultimate goal in life. It's no wonder we see an epidemic of sexual assaults and violence in the headlines! On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also see the view that sex is GROSS... a taboo subject that the Church has often been squeamish about addressing. However, at Liquid we believe that sex is actually intended to be one of God's greatest GIFTS to his married children!


In Ephesians 5:31-32, Paul shows us that sex is a spiritual act that, when celebrated within the safety and integrity of the marriage relationship, actually mirrors God's great love for us. In Song of Solomon 4, Solomon and his wife are finally alone as bride and groom. Solomon's song for his wife starts with praising her eyes, the window to her soul... They're white, which is a symbol of her purity. See, there is nothing like that moment when a couple who has safeguarded their sexual purity finally stand before one another - naked and unashamed - to make love for the first time!


I know reading this chapter of the Bible may feel awkward, but this couple is doing the most natural thing in the world on their wedding night! As Solomon tenderly kisses his bride, he says her cheeks blush like a pomegranate...She is literally a blushing bride! This Scripture is a beautiful picture of the tenderness and vulnerability of Godly sexuality in its divine setting. While there is touch involved, Solomon emphasizes the emotional embrace of his young wife... And as the wisest man in the Bible, Solomon knew this secret:


Men, did you know that a woman's most sensitive sexual organ is actually her mind? Solomon's sweet words in the Scripture are all about creating an atmosphere in which his wife feels cherished... protected... and free to unfold like the flower she is. He also knows this:


Married couples, you are the only legitimate way for your spouse to find sexual fulfillment. So, your spouse needs to 100% trust that they can be vulnerable with you. Remember the words of reassurance Solomon spoke to his insecure wife in Song of Solomon 4:7. Listen, in a marriage relationship, you should never make negative comments about your spouse's body - this goes for men and women! Rather, build each other up and give yourself freely to meet the other's needs. Last, this passage shows us that:


Do you know what being "Holy" means? This is to be set apart. To be different. Holiness is to be pure in a way that common things are not. Within marriage, Godly sex is a mirror of the way Jesus Christ loves you. Scripture reveals that Jesus is the Bridegroom and we, the Church, are his bride. So, when Jesus presents us before the Altar of Heaven, we'll stand in the light of God's holiness and perfection... and because we're married to Christ through his sacrifice on the Cross, God sees no flaw in us! We are deemed perfect - sinless in his sight.

Church, when Jesus laid his life down for us, his bride, we became one with Him, like husbands and wives in marriage. I realize many of you may have made mistakes sexually or may even be sexually active outside of marriage right now... but the reason Christ came to Earth is to find you... forgive you... cleanse your heart and make you brand-new from the inside-out. Will you make God first in your heart? Call out to him in prayer today so he can make you brand new!