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Hungry For God

Liquid Church
Jan 8, 2023

Are you excited about the New Year? The beginning of the year is typically when everyone around the world makes New Year's resolutions to reach their goals, improve their health, and better their lives. We map out what we would like to accomplish and visualize what this year will look like for our lives. The idea is to become a better version of yourself! Some are successful at keeping their resolutions, while others need help following through.


Having goals and thinking ahead are fantastic things. We should all have explicit goals. But what are you hungry for? Hunger is a gnawing ache inside you, that sense of need that is not content until it is filled. It is an active state, for it results in one seeking the object of desire that will satisfy one's need. Are you hungry and thirsty for the things of God? Let's look at what the Psalmist says in Psalm 42:1 & 2, "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?"


Hunger for God is the longing to encounter Him, to be with Him, and to be filled with His Spirit. Every year comes with its challenges. Last year many people experienced many things, but here we are in a brand new year, and like most, we may have cluttered our lives with the problems of this world, and our minds have been polluted with all of the chaos that's transpired in our society. We have become consumed with life's trials, but this is an excellent time to get back on track! It's time to center ourselves and put our focus and energy back on The One who controls the universe; GOD! In Matthew 5:6, Jesus clarifies to us, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." 


Where do you need a Breakthrough? Is it in your health? Perhaps you or a loved one is sick and needs God's healing. You may need a breakthrough in your family or marriage- there are hard hearts that need softening or a relationship that needs repair. Whatever it is, we invite you to fast about it! 

It's time to get your Spiritual Mojo back! Do you feel flat and yearn to experience more of God's power this year? Are you ready to hear God's voice and experience His power in a fresh new way? Then, join us for 21 Days of Breakthrough! This is a journey that will unveil the power behind prayer and fasting. 


Fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline where you give up physical food for a season for a spiritual purpose. It's a way to detox your body, decluttering your mind, and open your heart more fully to God. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, where the Spirit of God dwells. So you won't be disappointed when you sacrifice something for God. 

Here are 3 Fasting options for you to choose from:

1) DANIEL FAST - if you have never fasted before, the Daniel Fast is an excellent entry-level because it's a replacement fast. You're not going without food & drink; you're simply replacing certain foods for others. You can check out a full list of foods to eat and foods to avoid on a Daniel Fast at LiquidChurch.com/Fast.

2) MODIFIED FAST - Feel free to customize your fast. Ex: you may include more protein into your diet (i.e., grilled chicken or fish). You may choose to fast one meal a day for a week. Modify your fast so that it makes sense and works for you. 

3) PHONE FAST - If you can't fast from food, fast from your phone. Turn your smartphone into a dumb phone for 21 days. Go dark on social media - no Youtube, IG, or FB. Go on a phone fast to repurpose the time you usually spend streaming or strolling, start reading the Bible, pray, and spend time with The Lord. 

Remember this: Breakthrough doesn't happen spontaneously; you must actively seek God for it! Now is the time!


We want to help you experience a sense of renewal in your life as we kick off the new year. At the end of the 21 days of Prayer & Fasting, we believe we will hear amazing stories of the many ways God has worked in us and through us in this season of faithfulness to Him! For additional resources, check out the links below:

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  • BOOK: Fast. Feast. Repeat. Author Gin Stephens shares it all! You'll learn how to work a variety of intermittent fasting approaches into your life, no matter your circumstances or schedule; click here.
  • APP: The Fastic Mobile App for Fasting is a resource that can help you with your everyday well-being while fasting. To download, click here.