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How To Read The Bible: Start In The Middle

Liquid Church
Aug 2, 2022

So you want to read the Bible but just don't know where or how to start. Good news: we're here to come alongside you! We get it, the Bible can be a bit intimidating. What does it mean? Do you start at page 1? To help you overcome any feelings of overwhelm, let's dive in to a few key tips on how to read the Bible.


The Bible is one overarching narrative comprised of 66 books and broken up into the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament is made up of history, poetry, prophecy and the Pentateuch, which are the first five books of the bible known as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The New Testament books were all written by first-generation followers of Jesus. These authors share the Gospel, which is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. They share the acts and letters of Jesus’ followers, who were called Apostles and the development of the early Christian church. Last but not least, the book of Revelation is a letter to seven churches that reveals a prophetic word of challenge and comfort for all of Jesus’ followers.

In all, the Bible is one unified story of God and His people - but each book tells its own story too. So, when you pick up the Bible, don't start by reading random verses out of context. Instead, read the Bible book by book. Many Bible scholars recommend starting with the Book of John, which is one of the Gospels and shares the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.


Once you’ve picked which book of the Bible you’ll start with, set a time and place to read your Bible and connect with God through prayer. Maybe that’s first thing in the morning, or maybe it’s during your lunch break or before bed. Wherever and whatever time you do your reading, make a practice of putting your daily Bible reading on your calendar to help you get in the rhythm of reading and connecting with God.

It may also be helpful to pick up a journal to jot down things you notice as you read scripture, lessons you learn, ways you can apply your Bible reading to your daily life, and even to write down prayers.


Next up, we encourage you to try finding a Bible Reading plan. Bible Plans are a great way to help you stay on track with your reading, learn from others who are also studying the Bible, and it’s great to have a plan for what you will study. The YouVersion Bible App is a great, free resource and has thousands of Bible reading plans and studies that you can choose from. 

Another great resource as you study the Bible is to consider getting a study Bible. Study Bibles are filled with insights, context and commentary to help you dive deeper into the word of God in the Bible. To learn more about Study Bibles and how to pick the right Bible for you, check out this article we published on the subject. You can also watch overview videos from The Bible Project that provide provide insight and key themes for every single book of the Bible. 


As you start reading the Bible, a great way to dive deeper into your study is to connect with others with the same goal in mind. Joining a small group to study the Bible with others provides a space to talk about what you are learning as you read, to ask questions, learn from others, and connect in community as you grow in your relationship with God. At Liquid Church, we have Small Groups that meet online, in-person and even a hybrid of both. You can learn more about small groups or find a group at LiquidChurch.com/Groups.


For more resources to help you on your Bible reading journey, check out the content below:

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