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Healing & The Holy Spirit

Liquid Church
Mar 18, 2022

Do you believe in miracles? We've been clearing up confusion about who the Holy Spirit is this Spring, and one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit that we see throughout Scripture occurs when when God brings restorative healing and wholeness to our lives. The Holy Spirit is still alive and active today - and one of the ways God can bring about miraculous healing is through breakthrough prayer.


In Acts 3 of the New Testament of the Bible, the Early Church saw a healing miracle - and it was just the first of many miracles to come. This Scripture tells us that a man who could not walk was healed by the apostle Peter in a supernatural miracle. The healing took place in front of the temple gate called "Beautiful." Symbolic, isn't it? At any moment, God’s spirit can reach out to anyone and do a beautiful thing that ultimately results in worship. This passage in the book of Acts says that the witnesses of this miracle were filled with wonder and amazement - and many worshipped Jesus because of the way the Holy Spirit healed this man.

There are a dozen more miracles throughout the book of Acts, and the stories of God's miraculous, healing power go on and on. Why? Because Jesus still heals - and the Holy Spirit has given followers of Jesus power and authority to seek healing in His name. In Luke 9:1-2 Scripture tells us that Jesus gathered his disciples together to give them this power and authority to drive out demons, cure diseases, proclaim the Kingdom of God and heal the sick. They preached the word of God and did the works of God. The disciples demonstrated God's power over sin, sickness, death and disease - and attributed all healing power back to Jesus to show that He is alive and at work.


We believe the Holy Spirit still heals people today - sometimes through miracles, sometimes through medicine, and oftentimes, through the combination of modern medicine and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. So, let us be clear - praying for a miraculous healing doesn't replace medicine, therapy or professional medical care. Medicine and miracles are both a gift from God's healing hands. So, don't pit divine healing against modern medicine. Instead, invite the Holy Spirit into the healing process and any restoration you seek.


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