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Double Anointing

Liquid Church
Jan 21, 2024

The anointing is the difference between the best YOU can do and the best GOD can do! And it's not just reserved for those in ministry. It's for everyone, regardless of age, occupation, or status. God wants to anoint people in various fields, including music, fashion, sports, politics, and education, to reach everyone. You are anointed for your assignment, no matter what that may be!

In part 2 of our series "X Factor", we look at the examples of Elijah and Elisha in the Old Testament who represent passing the anointing from the older generation to the younger. Elijah was regarded as the most powerful prophet in the history of God's people. When his time on earth was ending, he needed to pass the mantle of anointing to Elisha who would take over his ministry to lead God's people. There are a few lessons we can glean from each of these men of what it looks like to live out our anointing. 


Our difficulties will either derail us from God’s purposes or develop us for God’s purposes. When God brings you through a dark difficult moment and you make it to the other side there is VICTORY.  Where there is VICTORY, there is AUTHORITY, where there is authority there is ANOINTING! God brings you through challenging seasons so that you can help someone who’s struggling with the same thing.

The plans of God are revealed in the presence of God. There will be moments in your life when you don't know what to do next. When Elijah was stuck, God said to him "stand in the presence of the Lord!" The key to being a better spouse, parent, coworker, or friend is found in simply being in the presence of God- this produces the fruit of the Spirit!

Legacy is not what you accomplish but what others accomplish because of you. God not only wants to bless you but every person connected to you. Most leaders are laser-focused on the "right now"-- not the legacy they're leaving. Elijah’s greatest accomplishment was not what he did, but what Elisha was able to do because of him.


If the Devil can’t get you to sin he will get you to settle. The last question Elijah asked his successor was "what can I do for you?" To which Elisha requested a "double portion of your spirit." Elisha wouldn't settle for being as effective as Elijah but wanted to do even more. God blesses those who desire more of him, so increase your expectation.  Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles! 

Pursue the older generation. Elisha stayed in close step with Elijah, learning and asking questions along the way which prepared and equipped him for the future. The younger have to listen and learn from the older generation, for the better and the worse. The things you learn not to do are just as important as the things you learn to do.  

Do you want more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control? You need more of the Spirit! You were born for a special purpose that God placed inside of you that only you can fulfill. You are anointed for your assignment!


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