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Don’t Stop Praying

Liquid Church
Oct 29, 2023

Do you have faith in the life-changing power of prayer? Are you surprised when your prayers get answered? We're in the fourth week of our "Moving Mountains" series, where our congregation fervently unites to implore God to intervene in seemingly impossible circumstances. This marks our journey in the 40-Day Prayer Challenge. Some of you have faithfully and devoutly participated in this challenge, commencing each day in a humble posture of prayer. For others, this might be your initial step on this journey, which is truly remarkable! However, a few among us may be grappling with discouragement. You began with unwavering faith, believing in God for a breakthrough pouring your heart out in prayer, but it feels like nothing has changed.

Now, you find yourself in contemplation, filled with questions and uncertainty. You begin to wonder if you're making an error in your approach. Do your prayers reach the ears of God? If they do, why does it appear there are no responses? It's a source of frustration, and weariness is beginning to set in. Perhaps you've heard stories of others experiencing answered prayers, leaving you to ponder why yours remain unanswered.


We encourage you to persevere and pray persistently! When we turn to the book of Joshua, chapter 6, we find an inspiring example. Joshua, the leader God chose to lead His people into the Promised Land after the passing of Moses, encountered the Commander of the Lord's Army. In the presence of God, His plans are revealed! Joshua wholly and humbly surrendered himself to Jesus, receiving his orders to conquer Jericho - an ancient city with formidable walls that seemed to reach the heavens.

The walls of Jericho were securely fortified against the Israelites, but the Lord assured Joshua that He had delivered Jericho into their hands. The people were instructed to encircle the city once a day for six days, and on the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times. The city's walls would crumble when they heard the priests blow their trumpets and shout loudly. This account reminds us that God's perspective differs from our own, and even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, we must persist in prayer and maintain our belief that the walls will eventually fall.


Keep this in mind: Six is the number of Man! Seven is the number of God! For some of you, God will use your story to showcase His glory! He will transform your trial into a testament to His grace! So, don't give up now! You've come too far to quit! Marriages will be reconciled, wayward loved ones will return, job opportunities will arise, healing will occur, and financial miracles will manifest. If you've been praying for something and haven't seen results, remember that spiritual opposition indicates that you're on the right path and the adversary is pushing back. Keep at it through the sixth round because your victory might arrive in the seventh. Read Joshua 6:15, 20.

Joshua's experience teaches us that public triumphs result from private encounters with the Lord—worship before warfare, consecration before conquest. The key lies in Joshua's personal communion with Jesus, which led to the public victory. So, don't lose heart; continue to encircle, march, believe, and pray because one day, you'll stand on the brink of your breakthrough. Keep praying, persevere, and confidently proclaim: THE WALLS WILL FALL!


As you persist in this 40-day prayer challenge, remember that every day spent encircling your mountains in prayer brings you one step closer to victory. Your unwavering faith and determination will be rewarded, and the seemingly insurmountable walls will crumble under the power of God. Don't be disheartened by the apparent lack of progress; instead, view it as a sign that God is at work, not only in your circumstances but also in your heart. 

Maintain your faith, continue to pray, and witness as the walls of your Jericho fall, making way for the fulfillment of God's promises in your life. If you PRAY through, God will BREAK through! 


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