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Choose To Be Humble

Liquid Church
Dec 23, 2022

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." - Rick Warren 

It's no secret that we live in a culture of raging narcissism– where ego, fame, and self-promotion are the norm. One thing this world lacks is Humility. Unfortunately, it is a forgotten virtue in our culture, and yet it is the #1 attribute of Jesus. 

At Christmas we celebrate that Jesus chose to be born in the body of a tiny baby. The infinite God became an infant! This is a display of true humility, which is the quality of lowering oneself in the service of others. Jesus literally chose to leave Heaven to come to Earth to save you.


When you think of a king, what description comes to your mind? What about when you think of a servant? Does a day in each of their lives look the same? Not typically! It's odd to think that The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords would leave His place in Heaven to live in a broken world as a servant. Yet, in a world where many of us face temptation to exalt ourselves, to make a name for ourselves, God has given us Jesus. He is the perfect example of putting others' needs above our own. 

When we take a deeper look at the life of Jesus, although He was God and the creator of Heaven, He chose to take on flesh and live homeless on Earth; although we were created to worship Him, Jesus came to serve us at Christmas. He was like God in everything, yet He didn't brag or boast about His authority! 

Humility is the number one thing we learn about the heart of God at Christmas. Christ, who was high and exalted, came down low so we could have a humble little Christmas! 


Do you remember the Limbo song? "How Low Can You Go?" Have you ever played Limbo? It's a dance invented in Trinidad, where you lower yourself under a bar without touching the ground. Over and over, everyone shouts: "How low can you go? How low can you go?"

So, how low did God go? According to Philippians 2:6, Christ himself was like God in everything, but he did not think being equal was something to be used for his own benefit. Jesus chose to become a Man. How did He do this? On Christmas, Christ the Immortal King CHOSE to be born in the body of a tiny baby. God added 100% humanity to His 100% deity. Christ veiled His glory as God under the cloak of His humanity! 

At Christmas, we celebrate how our infinite God became an infant! Theologians call this the incarnation. The Son of God assumed a human body and a human nature! What an incredible display of true humanity, which is the quality of lowering oneself in the service of others. Jesus chose to leave Heaven to come to Earth to save and serve us! While on Earth, he fed the hungry, healed the sick, comforted the hurting, cared for the disabled, and washed His disciples' feet. And then, He gave His life for us. Mark 10:45 tells us, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." 


Will you choose Jesus the way He chose you? Will you choose to live like Him? How low will you go? 1 Peter 5:5-6 teaches us that we should be very humble with each other. God gives grace to the humble, but opposes the proud.

Every time you choose Humility, you let someone go before you in line. Every time you wait and inconvenience yourself to serve someone who needs help and spend your power or sacrifice your strength to lift up and elevate the poor and the broken, you are living like King Jesus! 

This is the goal! God became a Man so that you could live like God. 


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