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At The Movies: Hamilton and the Gospel

Liquid Church
Aug 7, 2020

There's just something about watching a well-told story unfold before your eyes that brings it to life! That's why over the next four weeks at Liquid Church, we'll be exploring the Biblical truths behind Hollywood's biggest hits - and this week, we're kicking the series off by taking a closer look at at the cultural phenomenon, Hamilton! But you may be wondering... How do Hamilton and the Gospel connect? Easy: It's a story about God's grace.


Hamilton is the Broadway hit recently released on Disney+. It's a powerful story told in rap and hip-hop music about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. You may be wondering...Why did this musical become such a big hit? For starters, Hamilton hits on a number of important social themes, including immigration, gender equality, and diversity. Beyond these important themes, Hamilton is also chock-full of deep spiritual themes hinting at the divine presence of God in Alexander Hamilton's life. God's grace is interwoven all throughout Hamilton's story!


First up, we learn that Alexander Hamilton was actually born into destitute poverty in the Caribbean. His father abandoned the family and his mother died when he was only 12 years old, leaving him an orphan. Ultimately, a generous gift enabled Alexander Hamilton to travel to New York and create a new life for himself. See, a single act of GRACE changed the trajectory of Hamilton's entire life! With God's gift of Grace, He sees us in our impoverished spiritual state, and when we least expect it and don't deserve it, He gives us GRACE - God's lavish love and favor on our lives.


We also see forgiveness is one of the most powerful themes in Hamilton. In the musical, Hamilton betrays his wife Eliza by having an affair. For Eliza, forgiving Hamilton for his sin took the power of God! Her husband humiliated her and brought shame upon their family. However, God used their temporary separation to humble Hamilton. He found himself ashamed and ultimately, he repented - or turned away from his sin to turn back to God. In a situation like this, forgiveness can seem unimaginable. But, that's what makes it so AMAZING! Eliza's forgiveness of Alexander Hamilton came from a supernatural source. Likewise, in spite of all our sins, faults, and failings, God can and will forgive us and even heal our relationships with those we've hurt.


Last but certainly not least, we see the Biblical theme of redemption displayed in Alexander Hamilton's older years as he struggled with despair and depression. After Washington stepped down from the Presidency, Hamilton lost his position and power. He lost his firstborn son to a deadly duel and - spoiler alert - Hamilton tragically lost his own life at the age of 47 from a gunshot wound in a Duel of Honor with Aaron Burr, his life-long political rival.

After Alexander Hamilton's death, his wife Eliza took the brokenness of her late husband's life and made it beautiful. See, the greatest source of PAIN in Hamilton's life was his childhood growing up as an orphan - so, Eliza set out to redeem his memory by starting the first private orphanage in New York City! Eliza committed 27 years of her life tirelessly working to provide abandoned kids with hope and a future. She believed God gave her this calling in the wake of her husband's death, writing: "My maker has pointed out this duty to me and has given me the ability and inclination to perform it."

Just like Alexander Hamilton's life story is lined with God's grace, God can forgive your failures and redeem you with his perfect love. When we hear God's beautiful notes of grace, our souls can't help but sing along with it! Amen?


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