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The Way of Devotion
There is a battle being fought for your devotion. Will you be distracted by what feels urgent, or will you choose what’s most important?
The Way of Community
God made us to be in community with one another. But how do you take a step towards finding intentional, life-giving community?
What Is Lent?
Lent is a time of year that holds great significance for Christians worldwide. But what is the Lenten season really all about?
Fight Back!
In this article from Liquid Church, learn from the example of King David how you can take a stand against the giants of this world.
Double Anointing
You are anointed for your assignment.
A Fresh Anointing
Want to repeat history? Do it the way it’s always been done. Want to make history? Dare to be different. We need a new anointing!
Seek First
Are you excited about what the New Year holds? On the threshold of a new year, seek God first as you set your goals and form new habits!
Mary Had A Little Lamb
You've heard Jesus referred to as the "Lamb of God" so let's unpack the significance of that title this Chrismas.
What Is The Meaning Of Christmas?
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, who changed the world.
Loving Crazy Makers At Christmas
How will you respond to the Crazy Maker in your family this Christmas? Be the gift of love in this season.
What Is Advent?
Advent is a time to thoughtfully prepare for the coming of Jesus and refocus our lives onto the things that matter most.
Celebrating Advent
Advent, a 4-week season before Christmas, invites Christians to pause, declutter their hearts, and find joy in anticipating Jesus' return.
Prevailing Prayer
Who are your prayer partners? Who’s believing God with and for you when you pray? When we band together to pray, we become a force to be reckoned with!
Don’t Stop Praying
Are you tired or frustrated because your prayers have yet to be answered? Keep praying; the answers will come in God's presence.
Bible Verses About Truth
Truth, as a concept, has always fascinated humanity: shaping our beliefs, actions, and relationships. The Bible offers valuable insights on truth.
Never Stop Praying
Have you felt the power of persistent prayer? Keep praying, for it matters as much as your faith. See God as a loving Father; strength lies in persistence.
Will You Hold The Door?
Remember your first church visit? The welcome you received often depends on the doorkeeper, shaping your initial impression and setting the stage to meet Jesus.
Make Wise Choices About Screen Time For Kids
Excessive daily social media use can increase teen depression and anxiety risk (37% face online bullying). Don't let screens replace your values.
The Four Stages Of Parenting
Four parenting stages, shaped by kids' ages and needs, aim to nurture compassion and love for Jesus. Where are you in these stages?
The Dynamics of Family: Love and Discipline
A fresh start is possible for all families who hold love and discipline in balance. Let these characteristics shape your parenting style!
GenZ: The Now Generation
Society acknowledges the significant influence of this generation. Jesus aimed for the Church to engage with and understand this "NOW generation."
Is Baptism Right For You?
Wondering what the purpose of baptism is? To help you decide if baptism is the right next step for you, let's first break down what baptism is and what it is all about.
Is Anger A Sin?
Have you ever wondered if anger is a sin? There's a difference between righteous anger and human anger. Read on for encouragement today.
The Real World Is Hard
In the movie Barbie, we learn to let go of unrealistic expectations. Will you hold onto perfectionism or prioritize faith and God's will?
Trust In God
Are you listening to the world or God's Word? Amidst the noise, trust that God's Word guides us right for a fulfilling life through His covenant with you.
Jesus Revolution
It's time for a new generation to rise up in revival! Every generation seeks love and acceptance, but often look in the wrong places.
What’s Your Story?
Rediscover the heart of Christianity: sharing our faith, impacting lives, and transforming through our unique testimonies. There's power behind your story - share it!
How To Serve People Around You
Jesus' missions centered around a meal, bringing hope and joy for sharing. Who is God prompting you to share your faith with over a meal?
How To Listen To The Holy Spirit
Do you wonder if God still speaks to people? He speaks through the Holy Spirit. Curious about how to follow His guidance? Pray, listen, and take action to bless others.
How To Bless Your Neighbors
Who’s close to you but far from God? Think about someone who could use your support. Will you be the one to show them God's love?
The Power To Change
Do you struggle between the right thing to do and what you desire to do? If you're tired of feeling that way, don't worry! Change is possible, and it brings freedom!
How Do You Handle Grief?
Loss is a shared human experience that touches us all. Even Jesus himself has encountered it, serving as a remarkable embodiment of hope amidst profound despair.
How To Manage Your Anger
Anger is an innate emotion we all feel. However, it's crucial to learn biblical techniques on how to handle it.
You Can’t Make Everyone Happy
You can't please everyone, and that's okay! It's time to stop chasing validation from others and start seeking fulfillment in the presence of God. What He thinks matters most!
Jesus Understands Temptation
Have you ever been faced with temptation? Truth be told, we all have! But did you know Jesus was faced with temptation? He overcame it, and we can too!
How To Hear From God
Do you long to experience the voice of God speaking directly to you, but wonder if He hears you? The truth is, you’re not alone. God is there and God still speaks today!
What Is Communion?
Communion is a religious practice with deep spiritual and biblical significance. Learn what the Bible says about Communion in this article.
Multiply Your Money
Tithing and giving God our first earnings can multiply our wealth, resources, and influence. God can perform miracles that fulfill this common desire.
From Grief to Gratitude: Finding Joy on Mother’s Day Despite The Loss
Navigating grief and loss can be challenging, particularly on occasions like Mother's Day. Discover how to find joy amid the loss.
Put God First
Are you ready to receive the blessings of God over you and your family? God is willing to bless you so you can bless somebody else! Just put Him first!
Why Should I Get Baptized?
Ready to change your life, and embrace newness in Christ? If so, consider whether baptism is the next step in your spiritual journey!
An Easter Celebration
Easter isn’t a religious myth. It's a historical event of Jesus' resurrection. It's a powerful symbol of hope and new beginnings for Christians.
The Gift of Grace
The gift of grace points to this truth: Good people don’t go to Heaven, and good deeds won’t get you into Heaven. It's not what you do for Christ, but what He does for you!
Palm Sunday: Scripture For Reflection
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the last week of Jesus' life leading up to Easter. Reflect on Palm Sunday with these important scripture passages.
Jesus Died To Save You!
Are you overwhelmed? Do you struggle with anxiety? Are you so stressed by a situation that you want it taken away from you? Truth is, no one likes to suffer - not even Jesus!
Bible Verses To Reflect On Easter
The significance of Easter is Jesus Christ's triumph over death. This gives us hope and joy in the promises of God. Reflect on His goodness with these passages.
Why Would Jesus Do That?
Are you disappointed with the way God has handled your prayer? Are you willing to trust and follow Him even when He doesn't do what you want Him to do?
The Week That Changed The World
Have you ever had a week that began great, something occurred, and it ended up life-changing? A lot can happen in a week---even for our Savior, Jesus!
How To Act With Integrity
Do you struggle with people-pleasing? Are you afraid of hurting people’s feelings and stepping on their toes? It's time to climb the ladder of integrity and tell your truth.
Unmet Expectations
Are you disappointed over an unmet expectation? What story have you told yourself about someone that's not true? It's time to build Emotionally Intelligent Relationships.
Jesus & Gen Z
Did you know that God has a specific purpose for each generation? You can help make a difference. It's time to pass the baton of faith to the next generation!
Don’t Quit
Does life seem hard? Do you feel overwhelmed by life's circumstances? Are you tempted to quit? Don't do it! You are closer to your miracle than you realize!
The Power of Prayer
Are you struggling with prayer? Do you find it hard to come up with words to say to God? You are not alone! The enemy doesn't want you to pray because prayer is powerful!
Facing Giants
Are you facing something in your that's bigger than you? Does it feel impossible to defeat on your own? There is hope for you! You are not alone. Your breakthrough is here!
Hungry For God
Are you ready to hear God's voice and experience His power in a fresh way? Well, Breakthrough is here! It won't happen spontaneously, you need to actively seek God for it!
Choose To Be Humble
Journey to a barn in Bethlehem where Jesus was born a humble human king. Then, be inspired to have yourself a humble little Christmas!
Walk Humbly
Everyone has a list of things they desire, but have you taken the time to consider the gifts God is asking for? He wants us let go of Pride and Walk Humbly with Him.
Love Mercy
Is there someone who needs your Mercy? A Family member? A Co-worker, Neighbor? Christ has shown you Mercy; it's time to extend Mercy to someone else.
Do Justice
Are you excited about Christmas? Are you looking forward to receiving everything on your list? But have you considered what Jesus may want for Christmas?
Surrender It All
Have you adopted a faith that recognizes who Jesus is but aren't willing to submit the entirety of your heart & mind to Him? Ask yourself, What are you holding back?
Spiritual Oil Check
Is your tank spiritually FULL? Or are you running LOW? Is it time for an OIL change? Life's trials can deplete us, but God wants to give us FRESH OIL!
You Can Be Stronger
Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Wondering how could God allow so much pain to occur? Well, God wants to give you His strength!
How To Be Resilient
Have the last few years been rough for you? Do you find yourself feeling depleted and unrested? Don't lose hope; God wants to make you Resilient!
What Are You For?
When people encounter you, do they experience God's love? Are the people in your life aware of how much God values them? Your reflection of Christ matters!
Raising Up The Next Generation
Feel like your kiddos are growing up too fast? In this article, we share the five phases of parenting while raising up the next generation.
Use Your God Given Gifts
Do you know there is something only you can do? Yes! You have been given a hand-picked gift by God. No one can do what you do the way you can do it!
At The Movies: American Underdog
Does your dreams seem delayed? Do you find yourself worried and frustrated, wondering if they will ever come to pass? No matter what, don't give up on your dreams!
At The Movies: Top Gun Maverick
Highway to the danger zone! How do you let go of heartache & hurts? Discover the liberating power of agape love!
How To Read The Bible: Start In The Middle
So you want to read the Bible but don't know where to start. Read this article for key tips to help you get started on your reading!
How To Read The Bible: Choose The Right Bible
New to reading the Bible? Don't know where to start? In this article, Liquid Church helps you choose the right Bible for you.
Karma Vs. Grace: What’s The Difference?
Have you ever wished Karma on someone because of how they hurt or betrayed you? Karma can teach a lesson, but only Grace can change the heart.
God Can Handle It
Are you going through a tough time right now? When Jesus is all you have, you’ll realize He’s the only one you need. God can handle it!
Safeguarding Your Life & Leadership
In this article, learn 4 behavioral boundaries for every man to put up in his life to safeguard your integrity, family and leadership.
The 5 Marks Of A Man
God designed men to pursue a godly vision for their lives, stand firm in a corrupt culture, embrace work, protect the weak, and be a team player.
The Keys To Financial Freedom
Our culture teaches us to aspire to acquire…but you can change how you look at money by following these 3 practical & biblical steps!
Does God Answer Prayers?
God is listening to you! He will answer all your prayers, but that doesn’t mean He’ll just give you whatever you ask for.
How To Get Out Of Debt
Being buried in debt is painful… but there’s a way out of the trap. Discover the secret to financial freedom!
The Blessing of Generous Livin’
Do you know the one area the Bible tells us to test God? Generosity! Scripture says trust God with your finances and He'll bless the rest!
Mother’s Day: You Got This, Queen!
This Mother's Day, we want to bless the women in our lives by sharing hope and encouragement from the story of Esther in the Bible!
Real Moms: God Is A Gap Filler
Becoming a new mom can be overwhelming. When the doubts creep in, it’s time to stand on the truth that God is your Gap Filler.
When God Seems Silent
There are seasons when God feels distant or silent. How can we remain hopeful if God seems absent? We can learn to trust in His providence!
Real Moms: I’m Keeping A Scorecard
Are you measuring up as a mom? If you’re keeping a scorecard, maybe it’s time to let God fill in the gaps!
Real Moms: Motherhood Repurposed
As a mom, you never retire, but as your children become adults your way of mothering changes. Take a look at how your purpose as a mom can evolve.
Life After Death: Melissa’s Story
Melissa’s life was turned upside down when her sister passed away. She moved, changed jobs, and stepped in to adopt her daughter. Here is her story of life after death.
Celebrating New Life Through Baptism
Baptism is an outward expression of an inward transformation. It's all about communicating to the world your commitment to following Jesus!
Life After Addiction: Nick’s Story
In this article, Nick Kile shares how by the Spirits help, along with coaching and counseling, he is able to experience Life After Addiction.
The Gift Of Supernatural Generosity
When the Holy Spirit has full control, supernatural unity, sharing, and generosity break out in God’s people!
Life After Loss: Joel’s Story
Joel lost his father at a very young age, and experienced a resurgence of grief in his teens. Here is his story of life after loss.
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
God has given every person a Spiritual Gift - a Supernatural Ability - to help other people. Learn how you can discover yours!
Bible Verses About How To Manage Stress
How can you stop the cycle of stress and anxiety in your life? You can’t do this alone. Scripture points us to Jesus and his supernatural peace!
Healing & The Holy Spirit
Do you believe in miracles? The Holy Spirit is still alive and active today - and God can still bring healing through breakthrough prayer.
Eric’s Baptism Story
Considering Baptism? Learn from this personal Baptism Story as you consider whether baptism is the next step for your spiritual journey.
Baptism In The Holy Spirit
What does it mean to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? In this article, learn what baptism in the spirit is and 3 ways God calls us to be baptized in His Holy Spirit.
Karina’s Baptism Story
Considering Baptism as the next step in your spiritual journey? Hear from Karina Canales all about what baptism has meant to her.
Who Is The Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is a person of God who convicts, comforts and counsels. We're seeking a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit this Spring!
Setting Healthy Boundaries In Relationships
Have you been hurt in a relationship? Learn 3 practical ways you can set healthy boundaries in relationships to make them better.
Owning Your Role In A Conflict
Nobody likes to admit fault when there’s conflict. But the truth is: The most mature person in the relationship makes the first move.
How To Repair A Relationship
Families are fueding, friendships are fractured. How do you take steps to repair a relationship? Read on to learn more from Liquid Church.
Are Faith and Science Compatible?
Many assume faith & science are incompatible - but what does the evidence really say? When you look closely, faith and science are much more compatible than you think!
Jesus, Justice And Racial Equality
What do Jesus, Justice and Racial Equality have in common? Discover what inspired a new generation of abolitionists to end legalized slavery in the modern world.
Is Christianity Good For Humanity?
Many people are skeptical of Christianity today. Do you have questions about whether Christianity is good? Read the article to learn more!
How To Fuel Yourself When Fasting
The truth is, our habits are connected to our spiritual lives. Here, guest writer Stephanie Kile shares tips for doing a 21-day Daniel Fast.
Nourishing Recipes For The Daniel Fast
Trying the Daniel Fast? Check out these recipes and meal ideas from The Liquid Blog's guest writer and Registered Dietician, Stephanie Kile.
Jesus Is Our Sacrifice
What does it mean that Jesus is our suffering servant? Learn more about the significance of his role in this article from our series, The Gift.
The Gift: Jesus Our High Priest
What does it mean that Jesus is our High Priest? Learn the significance of this role as we celebrate Jesus this Christmas season!
3 Reactions To Jesus As King
This Christmas season, will you oppose Jesus, dismiss Jesus or worship Him as King? Learn more in this article about the 3 reaction to Jesus as King.
Vision Sunday 2021
Catch our church's vision for 2022 as we feed the hungry, serve college students, bless those with Special Needs and help other churches.
What Is Baptism And Why Is It Important?
Baptism is a physical symbol of a spiritual reality: Our new life in Christ. Learn why Baptism is so important to the Christian faith.
How To Resolve Conflict
Are you an emotional infant, child, adolescent, or adult? Learning how to resolve conflict in a mature way is key to growing up in Christ!
How To Develop Rhythms Of Rest
Burning the candle at both ends? Learn the importance of practicing a Biblical Sabbath and how you can develop a rhythm of rest in your life.
Dealing With Grief As A Christian
When we think of grief and loss, we usually think of how we feel when someone we love dies. The reality is, loss takes on different forms.
When You Hit A Wall In Your Faith
At some point, every Christian hits a wall in their journey with Jesus. But God can use that wall or situation to transform your character to be more like Christ!
How Family Dynamics Impact You
Most Christians aren't aware of how much family dynamics influence their lives as followers of Jesus. Learn how, with God, you can overcome patterns of the past.
Know Yourself To Know God
When you invite God into your inner life, the Spirit speaks. Learn how you can develop an Emotionally Healthy Spirituality today.
The Problem Of The False Self
This Fall at Liquid Church, we're diving under the iceberg of our lives to listen for the voice of God's Holy Spirit speaking in the depths!
Why Jesus Had Righteous Anger
Ever lash out in anger, unsure where your reaction came from? Even Jesus was angry on Earth - but learn why His was righteous anger.
Brave: How Gen Z Can Change The World
In this article from Liquid Church, we learn that every Gen Z student is just one caring adult away from their God-given potential.
An Interview With Pastor Jonathan Wilson
In this interview with Youth Pastor Jonathan Wilson, we learn how he found his God-given calling: To guide students to discover theirs.
Finding My Calling
Where do you even start when pursuing a God-given calling? College student and Liquid Intern David Zimmerman shares how God is guiding him as he works toward finding his calling.
Establishing Routines That Work For Your Family
Overwhelmed this back-to-school season? Mom of 2 Karen Veenstra shares 3 ways you can establish routines that work for your family.
A Quiet Place: At The Movies 2021
As Liquid Church explores the truth behind Hollywood's biggest hits, check out this article to learn lessons from The Quiet Place.
How To Overcome Spiritual Apathy
Going through the motions in your faith? Read this article from Liquid Church to learn how to take steps towards overcoming spiritual apathy.
At The Movies: Ted Lasso
Liquid Church is exploring the truth behind Hollywood's biggest hits. In this article, learn how to forgive and forget like Ted Lasso.
How To Get Out Of A Spiritual Slump
College student Alex Soares shares 3 recommendations on how to get out of a spiritual slump and draw near to Christ with passion again.
How To Have Peace Of Mind
Do you wonder how to have peace of mind when your thoughts are full of worry, anxiety or fear? Prayer should be our first line of defense.
How To Change Your Frame Of Mind
Do you have a negative, anxious frame of mind? You can't control what happens to you. But you can control how you frame it!
How To Retrain Your Brain
Living in a cycle of toxic thought patterns? In this article, we share 3 steps you can take to retrain your brain to stop negative thinking.
Why Zeal Is Greater Than Passion
What happens when your passion fades? Learn from the example of Nehemiah how we to go from passion that fades to zeal that lasts a lifetime.
Embracing The Power Of Perseverance
If you're trying to renovate your life, don't give up when the going gets tough. Like Nehemiah, embrace the power of perseverance so you can fight to the finish!
Handling Haters: Standing Up To Opposition
When pursuing a God-given goal, it's almost guaranteed that you'll face some kind of opposition. Learn to handle haters and stand up to opposition with the strength of Christ.
Boredom Busters For Kids At The Jersey Shore
With school out and Summer coming in full swing, are your kids feeling boredom abound? That means it's time for a trip to the Jersey Shore!
10 Family-Friendly Things To Do With Kids This Summer
Not sure where to start with your family Summer bucket list? We've done the work for you! Read this article for 10 Family-Friendly Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer.
Taking Action Towards A God-Given Goal
How do you even begin to work towards a goal? This week, we're learning how Nehemiah started taking action steps to live out a God-given burden on his heart.
What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day
Let's be real: Dads can be hard to shop for. Want to know what dad really wants for Father's Day? You probably won't find it at a store.
Rebuilding Your Life After Tragedy
God can turn the biggest burdens on your heart into a blessing. Read on to learn how you take brave steps to rebuild your life after a tragedy.
How To Handle Opposition To Your Faith
Do you ever feel repressed when speaking up for your beliefs in a secular culture? The truth is, facing opposition with the courage of Christ makes us more like Jesus.
How To Fix A Broken Relationship
Everybody hates conflict! But how do you fix a relationship that's broken? In this article, learn 6 steps to help you reconcile a broken relationship.
Why Integrity Matters
Integrity matters because God sees the heart, beyond our appearance. In this article, Liquid Church compiles 4 lessons to help you become a person of integrity.
Parenting Beyond Burnout
Parenting through a pandemic is exhausting. But how do you continue to parent well beyond burnout? Read to learn 3 tips to help you get through it today.
Recovering Your Identity
Moms - God never intended for you to lose yourself. Instead, He wants you to become who you are even more fully! It’s time to recover your identity.
5 Ways To Show Mercy To Others
Are you patient with people’s quirks? How do you handle those who hurt you? Showing mercy makes us most like Jesus-- and releases God’s blessing in our life!
5 Great Ways To Celebrate This Mother’s Day
After a year like this, moms are burnt out. Moms are tired. Want to gift mom what she really wants for Mother's Day? Here are 5 things mom really wants for Mother's Day.
Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It
Jesus says meekness is one of the keys to finding the deep happiness we all crave. In the Beatitudes, the blessing is often where you least expect it!
Dealing With Grief And Loss
How do you deal with grief and loss in a way that is healthy? God can emphasize with your pain and will walk with you through the grief.
Finding Happiness In Hard Times
Is it possible to find happiness in hard times? God's word in the Bible gives us 8 keys to living the crazy happy life we all crave.
Bible Verses About Getting A Fresh Start
When it comes to the seasons of the soul, sometimes we all need a new beginning. This article lists several Bible verses about getting a fresh start.
Easter: The Rattle Of Resurrection
Jesus’ resurrection has the power to change lives, and it might just change yours. Read this article for a powerful summary of the Easter story.
My Journey With Jesus
Exploring faith or your new relationship with Jesus? Read Andreia Onofre Smith's journey and personal experience in our Starting Point Class.
Why Do Christians Celebrate Easter?
Easter is one of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar. But what is it about, anyway? Why do we celebrate Easter? Read this article to find out.
Standing For Your Values
In Daniel 6 of the Bible, the prophet Daniel's values were threatened to the point of death. How do you stand for your values in opposition?
3 Incredible Women Of Faith In The Bible
This article from Liquid Church highlights 3 incredible women in the Bible - and how God equipped and used them for His divine purposes.
Warning Signs Of Disaster
Many think the writing is on the wall when it comes to judgement of our culture. In Daniel 5, God gives warning of disaster that we can learn from today.
How To Show God’s Love To Others
In a culture of compromise, God has called His people to love well. This article provides 4 ways you can show God's love to those around you.
Standing Firm When Your Faith Is Tested
Sticking to your faith takes moral courage. Is it possible to stand firm on the truth of God's word and love others well in a corrupt culture?
Mercy And Justice In A Cancel Culture
Jesus' kingdom is all about mercy and justice. In the midst of cancel culture, learn how Christians can adapt without adopting the culture's values.
Appreciating Singleness In A Pandemic
As Hannah Sanico navigates single life in her thirties, she's learned to appreciate her singleness even more in the midst of a pandemic. Read on to learn why!
What Does The Bible Say About Sex?
We believe culture has hijacked the conversation about sex, and it’s time for God to claim it back! Read this to learn what the Bible really says about sex.
Empty Nesters On Keeping Love Alive
In this interview, empty nesters Mickey and Julissa Rodriguez share their tips for keeping love alive after over twenty years of marriage.
Carrying The Burden Of Racism: A Personal Story
Our own Deana Taylor shares her personal burden of processing violence against Black men and women in America and challenges us to carry each other’s burdens.
Singleness Myths Debunked
In this article Liquid Church debunks common singleness myths and shares how you can enjoy singleness as the gift from God that it is.
When Your “Honeymoon Phase” Is A Pandemic
This recent bride recounts re-planning her pandemic wedding as just a teaser for what lay ahead: Becoming newlyweds in the age of COVID-19.
Waiting For A Relationship In An On Demand World
College student Alex Soares often gets asked by church friends about dating. In this guest article, he shares what God has revealed to him on the journey so far.
You Married The Wrong Person
Ever wondered if you married the wrong person? In this article, learn how God can heal your marriage and give your relationship fresh hope.
How To Discern God’s Voice In Your Dreams
Has God ever spoken to you through a dream? Learn why God speaks to us through dreams and how to discern his voice in your dreams today.
How God Can Redeem Your Dream
Have a God-given dream that feels crushed? Expecting setbacks can help us persevere on the journey to see our God-given dreams restored.
Learning How To Dream Again
Do you have a God-given dream in your life that seems delayed? God still sees greatness in you and wants to help you Dream Again!
Goal Setting As A Christian
Throughout the Bible, God's people set and achieve goals, so it's not something to be wary of... But what does it mean to set goals as a Christian?
How To Reconcile A Broken Relationship
Have a relationship that needs repair, but don’t know where to start? We share 5 biblical steps to help you restore a broken relationship.
How To Forgive Someone When It’s Hard
There is freedom in forgiveness. Experience the true joy of Christmas this year by forgiving those who have hurt you.
The Gifts Your Kids Really Need This Christmas
What gifts are you giving your kids in 2020? Tempted to go overboard? Here's a powerful reminder that your presence trumps the presents under the tree.
Bible Verses About Christmas
As we anticipate the arrival of Christmas, use these Bible verses to meditate on the wondrous moment when God entered our world to make things right.
Find Joy When Christmas Parties Are Canceled
We may all miss out on some of our prized Christmas traditions in 2020, but what’s most important is how you navigate this reality with your children.
Telling The In-Laws You’re Not Coming For Christmas
Families are struggling to decide if they should gather for Christmas in the midst of a pandemic. Here's how to make tough decisions and break the news.
How To Overcome Offenses
Our lives are too short and calling too great to stay chained to the past! Learn how to overcome offenses with God’s help and defeat your inner Scrooge!
10 Bible Verses About How To Cultivate Joy
How can you be joyful in hardship? The key is understanding that joy is not about external circumstances. It’s directly tied to our relationship with Jesus.
Simon Peter: How To Grow Your Faith
If you feel stuck in a state of spiritual shallowness, it's time to go deeper. Do so, and discover your deeper purpose in life!
10 Bible Verses About Fear
Fear: It can really get a strong grip on us. What fears hold you captive? One of the best ways to fight back is to meditate on Scripture.
Jesus Is Calling You Out
We all have experiences, past hurts, and cages that keep us from experiencing the fullness of communion with God. Let's break free. Jesus is calling you out!
Bible Verses About How To Worship
Prayer, song, praise, obedience, and gathering in community with the Church are all ways Scripture teaches us to worship our Heavenly Father!
Breaking The Power Of Anxiety
Often just SPEAKING of the struggle - the anxiety, the depression, the fear - helps us know that we are not alone. We must invite others in.
Bible Verses About Encouragement
In the face of discouragement, doubt, and despair, meditation on these verses will encourage your weary soul and spur you on to encourage others!
The Chosen: I Have Called You By Name
Today we're looking at Jesus' redemption of Mary Magdalene, a female follower of Christ who's testimony we see throughout the Gospels in the New Testament.
How To Love People You Disagree With
Do you find it hard to love people you disagree with? In this article, we learn 4 Practical Ways To Love People You Disagree With - an important skill to have during a polarizing election year.
10 Bible Verses About Healing
The New Testament of the Bible is full of stories of healing miracles performed by Jesus. To help you understand God's power to restore the sick, we compiled a list of 10 Bible verses about healing.
5 Key Ingredients For Living An Anointed Life
Anointing is the difference between the best you can do on your own, and the best God can do when He has His hand over your life.
How The Church Can Prepare For Jesus’ Return
Are you in need of a spiritual oil change? The truth is, you cannot sustain an anointed spiritual life on a stale, forgotten relationship with God.
Routines Are The Real Superheroes
It can take weeks to perfect a routine with your kids, and just days for it to all fall apart. Let's talk about balancing grace, truth, and routines.
Knives Out: Heirs To A Heavenly Inheritance
As part of our At The Movies series, we're contrasting the Thrombey family inheritance from Knives Out, with the Heavenly Inheritance we have in Jesus.
Does Jesus Love Me?
Understanding the extent to which God loves you can be challenging. That’s why God gave us His Word - to illuminate who He is and His great love for us.
Why Did Jesus Die For Me?
To better understand why Jesus had to die for humanity, we have to go back to the beginning of the story!
Is Jesus God?
As Christians, we believe Jesus is both fully man and fully God, the long-awaited Messiah promised throughout the Old Testament of the Bible.
What Miracles Did Jesus Perform?
Jesus healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, turned water into wine, and then some. There are three types of miracles Jesus performed during His time on Earth.
Who Is Jesus?
Jesus Christ is often seen as one of the greatest religious teachers to ever live. Others see him as either a liar or lunatic. In this article, we explore who the Jesus of the Bible is.
Ford Vs. Ferrari: An Endurance Race
The metaphor of a long-distance endurance race symbolizes how Christ calls us to live with endurance all the way to the finish line in Heaven.
At The Movies: Hamilton and the Gospel
Hamilton is full of deep spiritual themes hinting at the divine presence of God in Alexander Hamilton's life. See how the smash hit and the Gospel connect.
10 Bible Verses About How To Find Rest
You can experience rest every day of the week by seeking moments of meditation and restoration in God’s Word.
Why You Should Ask God To Break Your Heart
If you're ready to make a difference in the world, pray "God, break my heart." It's not a feel-good prayer. But now is the time to be bold.
10 Bible Verses About Pursuing Peace
Many of us struggle with finding a sense of stillness and peace in our lives. We often think of peace as an absence of anxiety or worry, but is that what it's really about?
What Happens When You Pray Bold Prayers?
If you're ready to see God work in your life, praying safe prayers won't cut it. But what exactly happens when you pray bold prayers?
10 Worship Songs To Listen To Right Now
What worship songs are on your go-to playlist? We created a list of the 10 top worship songs to listen to right now - and we hope this playlist will inspire you to take your worship to the next level!
How To Pray Bold Prayers
What does the Bible really say about prayer? We're learning how praying the Dangerous Prayer "Search Me" just like David did in Psalm 139 can transform your prayer life.
Let Your “Big Kid” Come Out And Play
Parents, I'm writing this summer to encourage you to let your big kid come out to play. Like really let it out. No more sitting on the sidelines.
How To Become A Christian
Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is life-changing. Wondering how to become a Christian? We can walk you through the process in this simple guide.
10 Bible Verses About Seeking Justice
If you feel lost when it comes to seeking justice and are curious about what God says on the topic, there are answers to be found in the Bible.
Being A Dad Has Always Terrified Me
Can I be honest? Being a dad has always terrified me. Fatherhood is an incredible privilege, but I don’t ever think I’m doing a good job.
I Cannot Be My Dad
I’m a new dad. It’s an exciting time in my life, but there’s an inescapable thought lingering in the back of my mind. I cannot be my dad. 
The Floor Is Lava
Every kid is born with four instincts: to eat, to sleep, to defecate, and to play the game “The Floor is Lava.”
10 Bible Verses About How To Pray
Unsure about how to pray or feeling stuck in your prayer life? Most of us know WHAT we want to pray for, but don’t know HOW to ask God for it.
10 Bible Verses About How to Persevere
Our lives are never free from the pain and trials of this world. But, we can look to God's word for reminders of the eternal hope we have.
Developing A New Perspective On Pain
When we wrestle with trusting God when life is hard, we can actually develop a new perspective on pain and discover its true purpose in our lives.
Love Must Win
It's time for Christians to see the #BlackLivesMatter movement through God’s win-win perspective, not the enemy’s zero-sum tactics.
10 Bible Verses About Hope
Desperate for hope in a difficult situation? It can be challenging to stay positive when life is looking bleak. However, there is help and hope to be found in the word of God.
Patiently Waiting On God
Have you ever faced a dip in your faith? If you wrestle with trusting God when life is hard, good news: You’re in a prime position to grow!
10 Bible Verses About How To Deal With Doubt
Doubt is normal. And the Bible offers you encouragement. In fact, there are many Scriptures that will help you renew your faith when faced with doubts.
How To Choose Unity in a World of Racial Prejudice
IIn a world so divided, how do we choose unity over racial prejudice? Here are 3 practical questions to help you embrace change and pursue unity.
10 Bible Verses About Worry And Anxiety
Filled with worry and anxiety? We compiled a list of 10 Bible verses about how to handle worry and anxiety for you to meditate on.
Pursing The Joy Of Being Present
An odd thing happens as my children reach new milestones. I find myself missing the child they no longer are. My best defense is enjoying the present moment.
20 Lessons Learned In Motherhood
In celebration of my almost two decades of being a mom of three, I bring you the 20 lessons I’ve learned on this journey of motherhood.
Dear Young Mom Me…
Dear young mom me, you’re about to begin the best part of your life! Little do you know what I, your 54-year-old self, know about you...
Thank You To My Wife On Mother’s Day
What is a mom? How about a woman who loves her kids so much that she gives all of herself for their benefit. This is my wife, Cari.
Winning The War On Worry
Day-to-day worry, fear, and anxiety due to the COVID-19 global pandemic should not imprison us. Anxiety is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to dominate life.
6 Ways To Care For Yourself In A Crisis
Are you losing hope? In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we want to teach you how to care for your soul in a crisis.
Bittersweet Easter
This Easter we're surrounded by death and disease. People are asking: Where is God in all this suffering? The answer is: He's right there with you, on the Cross.
Hope Is On The Way
Here are the steps we're taking to prepare our church to serve people in need around our region in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Battle Belongs To God
In uncertain times, we must remember the words God spoke to King Jehoshaphat in a time of crisis for Israel: The Battle Belongs To God.
Psalm 91: God’s Promise Of Protection
During this moment of unprecedented disruption and fear of COVID-19, God has a message of protection for the modern church found in Psalm 91.
Wind & Fire: Baptism In The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood, which explains the "power outage" in many Christian lives! Let’s seek a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit.
The 4 Stages Of Parenting
The challenge or question we as parents share is this: How do you bring up kids in our modern culture to love God, love others, and be confident?
Marriage & Parenting: Gillian & Jason’s Story
It's time to trust in God's plan for your life! In this interview with Gillian and Jason Schuler, we learn how God has worked in their marriage and family.
First Comes Love: Waffles & Spaghetti
The reality of marriage is that everyone has some unrealistic expectations. The truth is, first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes trouble!
Couplehood: Danny & Casey’s Story
Wondering what God says about our seasons of life and relationships? Let’s hear from college sweethearts Danny McQuaide & Casey Sutherland about their story.
First Comes Love: Singleness
Did you know singleness can be a gift? If you are single, God wants you to faithfully steward that gift for the sake of others!
Singlehood & Dating: Dani’s Story
We all wish relationships followed a clear timeline, but life is a lot messier, isn't it? Check out our interview with Daniella Martins about singlehood and dating.
Tailgate Sunday: Get In The Game
Football isn't just a game of brute strength: It's a game of strategy and skill. In fact, football is filled with lessons about unity and teamwork.
Breathing Room: Enough Is Enough
We’re on a quest to clear the clutter from our lives. When it comes to finances, Breathing Room means you don’t spend it all. You live with less.
Take The Day Off
Life is better with limits. If you're chronically stressed, then it's time to take this radical, Biblical advice: Take the day off!
Lavishly Love The Poor!
At Christmas, one of the things that should distinguish a Christ follower is a love that reaches out to the marginalized and the forgotten. Such giving is an act of true worship.
Advent Conspiracy: Love All
r the last 4 weeks, we've been celebrating the season of Advent, which Christians have practiced in preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ for thousands of years. The reality is, we can get so caught up in preparing for Christmas that we end up missing the point of Christmas all together. That's why this week, we're capping off our Advent Conspiracy series by learning how we can Love All this December!
Give Intentionally & Relationally!
We’ve talked about rebelling against consumerism by spending less but now we’re encouraging you to give more… Is that a contradiction? Nope! Giving more isn’t about giving more toys, more gadgets, more clothes, more gift cards, more stuff. God is calling us to give more intentionally and relationally.
Advent Conspiracy: Give More
This December, we've been pushing back against the tidal wave of holiday stress & commercialism… and learning to practice the 4 tennants of the Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully…. Spend Less….Give More... and Love All. This week, we're focusing on how to GIVE MORE in this season of gifting.
Try A Different Way Of Celebrating!
Spend less is an ambiguous goal. Spend less than last year? Spend less than my neighbor? The truth is there is no formula. The challenge of this tenet of the Advent Conspiracy is to be willing to ask more questions and then be open to hearing what God says in return.
Happy 3 Months Monmouth County!
With a 3-month-old baby at home, joyful (and tired) new parents might be celebrating the fact that their precious baby is smiling at them or that their little bundle discovered its toes or maybe their child is finally sleeping through the night! Well, our “baby” here at Liquid Church is certainly celebrating some different milestones, but they’re just as exciting. First Vision Sunday! First Christmas Outreach! First Christmas Eve on the horizon!
Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less
This month during our Advent Conspiracy series, we're reorienting our hearts back to Christ to prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas. This week, we're tackling the second core practice of advent: Spend Less.
Get Back To The Heart Of Christmas!
For many of us, the time of year when focusing on Christ should be the easiest, is often the hardest. Our calendars are full of activities, the to-do lists are getting longer, the stores are getting busier, and an overwhelming stress has creeped into our hearts. So how do we get back to the heart of the Christmas narrative?
Say “Yes” To Rediscovering Christmas!
What does it mean to take part in the Advent Conspiracy? It’s saying “no” to the old way of doing things and “yes” to a fuller, richer Christmas. There isn’t a formula or strict set of rules. Advent Conspiracy is about reorienting our hearts back to Christ.
Vision Sunday
In Proverbs 29:18, the word of God says "Where there is no vision, the people perish." That's why today, we're looking forward at the vision God is giving our church as we prepare for the new year! As a church, Liquid has a God-given vision to "Saturate the State with the Gospel of Jesus Christ" - and we're excited to discover the unique calling the Holy Spirit has set before us for 2020.
Playlist: Confession
Last week, we learned that we all go through seasons of spiritually cruising, crashing and cruishing it... but what happens when you are the reason for the crashing? In Psalm 51, King David of the Israelites sings a song of apology to God.
Happy 2 Months Monmouth County!
You know the trend…joyful parents celebrating their baby’s milestones every month of that precious first year. That’s because a child’s growth is extraordinary in the first 12 months of life and everything is “a first.” First smile, first solid foods, first steps! Well, we are taking the same approach with OUR brand-new baby at Liquid Church - our 7th campus in Monmouth County!
Playlist: Lament
We have a Playlist for almost anything. From your gym playlist, to your wedding playlist, even to your playlist of sad songs for when you're feeling down. Today, we're continuing to learn from Jesus' playlist in the Psalms.. and we'll be diving deeper into his Psalms of lament.
Playlist Series: Worship
I believe most people love music - whether it's rap and hip-hop, rock and EDM, or Jazz and R&B, we all have music that speaks to us, and it almost becomes the soundtrack to our lives. Did you know Jesus had a playlist called the Psalms?
5 Tips For Running A 5K
You’re not just participating in the Run For Rwanda… you are RUNNING the Run For Rwanda! If you’re new to the world of racing, we’re here to help. Here are 5 tips to make your race day successful!
The Domino Effect Of Clean Water
Everything begins with water. It's the foundation for all other levels of development. That means—for the millions of thirsty people throughout the developing world—safe water can ultimately transform...
Quench Their Thirst
Did you know that right now, 663 million people in our world lack access to safe, clean drinking water? That's 1 in 10 of us! That's why I want to call your whole Group to join us on a critical mission as we Run For Rwanda on Saturday, October 19th!
What Does Dirty Water Really Look Like?
When we say that 25% of people in Rwanda don’t have access to clean water… meaning they drink dirty water on a daily basis, that can be hard to process. What does “dirty water” really mean?
No Experience Needed: A Beginner’s Guide To Run For Rwanda
Maybe you’re not a runner. You never were and think you never could be. So, Run For Rwanda sounds like a great event… for someone else. But, let’s face it, you really would like to get your hands on one of those custom dri-FIT shirts!
I Dare You To Dive Deeper
Today, we're kicking off a 7-week series based on Ezekiel 47. This scripture is the basis for my new book, Liquid Church, where I tell the story of Liquid Church and the incredible people (that's you!) who are saturating the state of New Jersey with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! In the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, we learn that the prophet Ezekiel received a divine vision from God of a not-so-ordinary river flowing from the Temple in Israel, which represents the house of God...
3 Thirsty Friends
This Fall, we're challenging EVERYONE who's taking part in our 7-week Groups Series to reach out to 3 Thirsty Friends with the living water of Jesus! In order to rise up to this challenge, you'll want to be saturated with this living water in your own personal faith journey! To do this, here are 3 practical steps you can start taking today...
At The Movies: Free Solo
Every August, we explore the spiritual truths behind Hollywood's biggest hits... and today, we're capping off our At The Movies series by learning from the documentary Free Solo, which won the 2019 Academy Award for best documentary. In the film, rock climber Alex Hannold sets out to be the first person to free climb, or climb without using ropes, on a mountain called El Capitan in Yellowstone National Park.
At The Movies: Toy Story 4
This week At The Movies, we're learning from the animated world of Toy Story 4. This isn't just a kids' movie...In fact, most people who watched it are adults who grew up watching Toy Story and are now taking their kids to see it. The movie actually addresses some real-life themes such as loss, life transitions, friendship, and the grand purpose of life. The story picks up from when Andy went to college in Toy Story 3 and gave his toys to a little girl named Bonnie. We see Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but we're also introduced to a new character: Forky. Bonnie created Forky out of some peices of trash in school...and soon enough, Forky became Bonnie's favorite toy!
Spend Saturday, August 17th @ The Shore
This Saturday could be your lucky day… if you spend it with us! Come on down to Ocean Grove for our Saturday Night 6pm Services. In fact, you should consider spending a full day at the shore. Here are some ideas to make the most out of your Saturday!
At The Movies: Black Panther
Throughout the Bible, Jesus told parables, or short stories, to communicate spiritual truth. Today, I think movies are like visual parables... a modern version of stained glass in churches like Liquid! So, this week, as we continue our At The Movies series, we're connecting spiritual themes from the hit movie Black Panther to the life of Jesus!
At The Movies: Breakthrough
I love how movies can communicate deeper spiritual truth in a cinematic way... and this August, we're discovering the truth behind Hollywood's biggest hits during our annual At The Movies series! Today, we're learning together from the movie Breakthrough, which is based on the real-life story of a middle-school boy named John Smith who fell through the ice on a frozen lake near his house back in 2015. John was trapped underwater for 15 minutes, and when he was pulled out, he showed no signs of a pulse or any brain activity. Doctors abandoned resuscitation efforts, but Jon's mother, Joyce, was a Christ follower who believed in the POWER OF PRAYER, and as she called on others to pray in the name of Jesus, her family saw a real-life miracle!
Spend Saturday, August 3rd @ The Shore
Fun in the Sun Activities - August 3rd: Mini Golf, SUP Lessons, Historic Walking Tours, Farmers Market and more!
Spend Saturday, July 27th @ The Shore
Fun In The Sun Activities - July 27th: Victorian Day In Ocean Grove - Experience another era with all day activities, including a Living History of Ocean Grove, an Organ Recital, Horse & Carriage Tours and much more. Activities begin at 9:00am and run throughout the day. Learn more.
The Power Of Spoken Blessing
Did you know there is power in your choice of words? During our current series, Speak Life, we're grounding ourselves in Proverbs 18:21, which says "The tongue has the power of life and death." There are words that can be so powerful that they literally change the course of our lives.
Speak Life: I Said This… You Heard That
During our current series, Speak Life, we're learning all about how our words have the power to speak life, hope, joy, and love... Or sow fear, division, unrest, and conflict. Communication is about expressing our ideas, wishes, or desires to someone we love... but often, miscommunications occur and cause problems. See, it's not just about what is SAID... It's all about what is HEARD. I said this... You heard that!
Spend Saturday, July 20th @ The Shore
Fun In The Sun Activities - July 20th: Asbury Park Summer Bazaar: -Head to the historic Convention Hall located on the beach to check out local and regional handcraft & vintage vendors. Enjoy a DJ, photo booth, DIY workshops, kids art classes, selfie stations & more. Runs from 12:00pm - 5:00pm. Learn more.
Spend Saturday, July 13th @ The Jersey Shore
We can’t wait to see you in Ocean Grove this weekend for our Saturday Night 6pm Services! In fact, why not spend the day down the shore with family and friends? Here are a few fun ideas to help you make the most out of your Saturday!
Spartan Faith: The Triumph Of Faith
Over the last few weeks during our Spartan Faith series, we've been looking at the ancient heroes of faith found in Hebrews 11. In many ways, these heroes of the faith are all part of God's DREAM TEAM and worth looking up to in our spiritual journeys. We've learned from the lives of heroes such as Gideon, Noah and Abraham, even though they haven't always gotten everything right...However, one thing they have in common is that they have learned to put their FAITH IN ACTION. Today, we're continuing to learn together by looking at examples from several members of God's Dream Team in Hebrews 11.
Spartan Faith: Abraham’s Test
As we continue our Spartan Faith series this week, we're continuing to learn from the story of Abraham in Hebrews 11 and Genesis 22. Last week, we learned that God called Abraham to leave everything and follow the promise God put on his heart. Twenty-five years after God made a promise to Abraham, he gave him a beloved son, named Isaac. Today, we're continuing in the footsteps of Abraham's journey as we learn how God tested Abraham's faith in a final exam!
Saturday 6pm Services In Ocean Grove: Best Local Beaches
Unfamiliar with the Jersey Shore? Looking for the best local beaches to soak up the Summer sun? We did the research for you… So you can enjoy your Saturdays this July and August when visiting Ocean Grove for our Saturday Night 6pm Services!
Saturday 6pm Services In Ocean Grove: Best Kid-Friendly Activities
Unfamiliar with the Jersey Shore? Looking for some family-friendly fun prior to our Saturday Night 6pm Services in Ocean Grove? We compiled this list of the best kid-friendly activities for you to make the most out of your Saturday in Ocean Grove!
Saturday 6pm Services In Ocean Grove: Best Local Eats
Unfamiliar with the Jersey Shore? We compiled this list of the best local eats for you to make the most out of your Saturday in Ocean Grove during our Saturday Night Services!
Spartan Faith: Abraham
As we continue our Spartan Faith series through the "Hall of Faith" in Hebrews 11, today we're learning that when God's getting ready to do something big in your life, he will often tell you to step away from the comforts of what you know to take a journey of faith. God did exactly this in the life of Abraham...calling him to his own "Spartan Faith" to take hold of greater blessings that God prepared for his life! Today, we're going to learn 3 things about Abraham and his Journey of Faith. Like Abraham, if you want to experience God at a whole new level, your own faith journey will involve a Leaving, a Living, and a Looking.
Spartan Faith: Noah
Our current series, Spartan Faith, is all about having the Faith of a Warrior! Together, we're learning from the stories of Heroes of the Faith in Hebrews 11, which has been described as the Bible's "Hall of Faith." Last week we learned how God used Gideon's faith in Judges 6-7 to lead Israel to the greatest military victory in history! Today, we're continuing our series by learning from the story of Noah in Genesis 6.
Liquid At The Shore: Spartan Faith
This Sunday, we enjoyed an incredible day kicking off the Summer with an epic celebration at the Jersey Shore! In case you missed it, today at Liquid At The Shore we celebrated new life in Christ through beach baptisms... we announced our Monmouth County Campus Pastor, Chris Capua, and got a sneak peek of Pastor Tim’s new book, Liquid Church: 6 Powerful Currents to Saturate Your City for Christ!
Liquid At The Shore: What You Need To Know For The Big Day!
Ready for some Summer fun at the Jersey Shore? In just one week, we're looking forward to gathering ALL 6 of our campuses under one roof in the historic Ocean Grove Great Auditorium. Liquid At The Shore is going to be an epic celebration to kick-off Summer... But, before you head "down the Shore" for this special day, there are a couple of things you'll want to know...
3 Reasons To Attend Collyde Summit
We’re gearing up to host Collyde Summit 2019 at our Broadcast Campus in Parsippany! Considering joining us this Fall? Here are 3 reasons why you won’t want to miss it!
The Original Girl Boss
We are blessed with an army of Girl Bosses at Liquid... Wonderful women who are talented, confident, and gifted by God to lead. And that’s what our current series, Girl Boss, is all about! A Girl Boss is empowering and inspiring to those around her...
Baptism At The Shore: What Does That Look Like?
On June 2nd, we’re inviting all 6 Liquid Church campuses down to Ocean Grove, NJ for Liquid At The Shore… it’s church at the beach followed by beach baptisms! So, what does it really mean to take part in a beach baptism?
Pastor Kayra Montanez: Moms On A Mission
This week, in celebration of Mother's Day at Liquid Church, we're hearing from Morris County Campus Pastor Kayra Montanez for a special message: Moms On A Mission! Pastor Kayra has been married to her best friend, her husband Jose, for 16 years, and together they are parents to 2 incredible kids: 10-year-old Gaby and 8-year-old Andy, who has Down syndrome.
Baptism At The Shore: What Is Baptism? Why Should I Be Baptized?
You’ve likely heard us talking about Baptism At The Shore… when hundreds of Liquidites will take the plunge in the Atlantic Ocean! But, what does that really mean? And is this the next step on your spiritual journey?
Juan Galloway: Making Space At The Table
This week for our Homeless Church series, we're grateful to learn together with a very special guest speaker: Juan Galloway, President and CEO of New York City Relief.
Homeless Church: One Night Can Save A Life.
Did you sleep in a bed last night? A warm bed and a roof over your head is something we easily take for granted... but the truth is, homelessness in New Jersey rose sharply last year! According to a report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 9,398 people live in the Garden State without a home. Without a bed. Without a bathroom. Without the basics every single day.
Homeless Church: Should My Children Participate?
Children and teens are invited to participate in the Homeless Church event… ultimately parents need to make the decision that is best for their family! That said - we believe participation in this event could be an extraordinary opportunity for families… including children and teens.
Easter At The Empty Tomb
As we've walked the footsteps of Jesus Christ for the last 6 weeks during our God of Miracles series, we have been tracing Jesus' life through the Gospel of Mark: Visiting the places where Jesus lived, taught, healed the sick, befriended sinners, performed miracles, and was crucified on a Cross. Wouldn't it be sad if this is where the story ended? Praise God, the final and most important stop on our spiritual pilgrimage is Christ's resurrection power during Easter At The Empty Tomb!
Homeless Church: How Does Sleeping Out Make A Difference?
We sure hope you’ll join us for our Homeless Church Event on May 4th… but maybe you’re “on the fence” and wondering If you choose to step away from modern comforts-- a warm bed, home-cooked meals, and technology to sleep outside -- how that act makes a difference. It DOES… and here’s HOW!
Journey To The Cross
Did you know? Today is Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter when Christians all over the world celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. All the locations we've virtually traveled to together during our God of Miracles have been leading us to one place - Jerusalem, where the journey of Jesus ends and our faith begins. Here, Jesus would lay down his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world and change history forever.
God of Miracles: Jericho
Do you know what city is the oldest in the world? This week for our God of Miracles series, we're traveling there on the road to Jericho! When Jesus traveled with his disciples from Jericho to Jerusalem, he encountered 2 men from opposite ends of the economic spectrum - poor and blind Bartimaeus and a rich Tax Collector named Zacchaeus. To Jesus, it didn't matter how different these men were - and today, whether you're rich or poor, black or white, red or yellow, gay or straight... we all need to come to Him!
Calming The Storm
This week, we're continuing our God of Miracles series by taking a trip to the Sea of Galilee. Here, Jesus challenged his disciples to stretch their faith by Calming The Storm they faced on the water. See, Jesus' first followers were ordinary young adults... in fact, many of his first disciples were fishermen! This shows us something cool about Jesus' heart: He doesn't call the qualified... but He qualifies those who are called by Him to change the world!
God Of Miracles: Sermon On The Mount
Today, we're walking in the footsteps of Jesus as we continue our God of Miracles series to the place where he gave his famous Sermon On The Mount on the Mount of Beatitudes. In Matthew 5:3-10, Jesus begins his sermons with what we call "The Beatitudes", or blessings. These radical teachings in the Scripture actually reveal to us for the first time that Jesus is a Radical Rabbi.
Healing The Sick
As we continue our God of Miracles series, today we're travelling to Capernaum: Jesus' ministry headquarters where he performed many miracles Healing The Sick. In fact, Jesus actually performed more miracles in Capernaum than anywhere else as recorded in the Gospels. It's in this place that Jesus' ministry began blowing up...
Baptized In The Desert
As we journey through the Holy Land of Israel for our Spring Churchwide Groups series, God of Miracles, this week we're taking a hike down to the Dead Sea and Jordan River, where the ministry of Jesus began. In Mark 1:1-11, we meet John the Baptist.
Walking In The Footsteps Of Jesus
Over the next 7 weeks, we're walking in the footsteps of Jesus! Throughout God of Miracles, our Spring Churchwide Groups series, I'll lead us through a virtual tour of Israel, the Holy Land, and we'll be digging deeper into the miracles of Jesus to build your faith. My wife Colleen and I visited Israel this January, and it was the trip of a lifetime! One of the main takeaways from our journey was seeing how the Bible is actually geographical.
Love, Sex, & Dating // Resolving Conflict
To conclude our Love, Sex, & Dating series, this week we're learning how to Resolve Conflict. Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, conflict is a part of every relationship... and you don't have to be in a romantic relationship to experience miscommunication!
Let’s Talk About Sex!
Last week in our Love, Sex, & Dating series, we learned how to increase intimacy in a relationship through tender words, sharing feelings, active listening, and building trust. Today, we're having a very candid conversation about the art of Godly love-making... Let's Talk About Sex!
Love, Sex, & Dating: Increasing Intimacy
Whether you're single, dating, engaged or married, the Bible has so much for us to learn together as we continue our study on the Song of Solomon! See, Solomon is considered the WISEST man in history - so his model in this Old Testament book is one for us to follow even in our modern relationships!
Love, Sex, & Dating: Swipe Right
To kick off our brand-new, 4-week series called Love, Sex, & Dating, we are diving into what the Bible says in Song of Solomon. This is an Old Testament book of Hebrew love poetry written by a young King Solomon around the year 965 BC chronicling a duet about his love story with his bride.
First Fruits
uring our current series First Things First, we've been learning how to get our lives back on track in the New Year! Today, we're wrapping up our series by learning how we can give God our First Fruits in 2019. The term "first fruits" comes from the Hebrew Bible of the Old Testament and refers to the first and best part of the harvest of crops or produce, animals, and firstborn children.
Work As Worship
Ever think about how you can put God first in your 9-5 job? We're continuing our First Things First series this week by learning how we can view our Work As Worship. A lot of people simply see their work as a paycheck. But, wherever you work, whatever you do - teacher, business person, artist, or waitress - your work matters to God!
The Fasting Edge
Have you ever felt like you just lost your spiritual edge? If we're honest, often we can go through the motions of life like a lumberjack swinging a dull axe. Likewise, a lot Christians can become dull spiritually... That's why as we continue our First Things First series this week, I want to encourage you to sharpen your axe - or your spirit - by discovering The Fasting Edge.
First Things First
Happy New Year, Liquid Church! The start of a new year is a great time for a reset, and it’s our goal this January to help you prioritize your most important relationships, your calendar, your family and your faith according to God’s priorities! Are you ready to put First Things First?
Christmas Eve at Liquid Church
Merry Christmas, Liquid Church! This year for Christmas Eve at Liquid Church, instead of reading about Jesus as a baby, we're taking a closer look of the snapshot we're given of Jesus when he's just a 12-year old boy in Luke 2:41-51.
Share Christmas, Share Reconciliation.
We're continuing our Share Christmas series this week by learning how we can Share Reconciliation. You may be wondering... what does reconciliation have to do with Christmas? Reconciliation is the process where we rebuild relationship. It's where we rebuild trust. See, trust is gained in inches and lost in yards... and while reconciling with someone in your life who has wronged you is not intuitive, comfortable, or even necessary in some cases... often, it can be a gift.
Share Hope This Christmas Season!
This December, we're learning all about the GIFTS that God shares with us at Christmas during our Share Christmas series. Have you ever received a gift that you didn't want? Maybe you're not actually looking forward to Christmas. In fact, you may just be glad that 2018 is coming to an end! Maybe this year didn't turn out the way you hoped it did... you received a gift, but instead of unwrapping blessings, you unwrapped addiction, loneliness, hurt or even health issues. Can I ask... Where are you LOSING HOPE this Christmas?
Baptism Sunday: Brand New
Today, we had the pleasure of celebrating over 100 people at our Liquid Campuses as they went public with their faith in Jesus Christ! Baptism symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross... and when we go under the water, it's like we're dying to our sin and being buried with him.
SWAT: The Sword of The Spirit
This week, we're concluding our Spiritual Warfare And Tactics All-Church Groups Experience by learning how to wield The Sword of The Spirit! Throughout this series, we've been learning how to put on the full Armor of God, in Ephesians 6:14-18 and the sword is actually what brings all the pieces together. See, there will be times when you feel like the Enemy is right up in your face and it's one strike after the next... But as Paul wrote the book of Ephesians in the New Testament of the Bible, he knew that just like how a Roman soldier wields a dagger in battle, the Word of God is the Armor we need to push back against the Enemy!
SWAT: Wear The Helmet Of Salvation
For the past few weeks, we have been studying the Armor of God in Ephesians 6 so we can take a stand against the spiritual attacks that come against us in this world of darkness. Today, we're continuing our Spiritual Warfare And Tactics series by learning how to wear the Helmet of Salvation! In a battle, wearing your helmet is the difference between life and death...
SWAT: Take Up The Shield Of Faith
Over the last few weeks of our All Church Groups Experience, Spiritual Warfare And Tactics, we've been studying the Armor of God in Ephesians 6. Today, we're taking up the Shield of Faith! If you grew up watching Captain America like me, then you know the Captain's shield isn't just a tool for defense... the shield is an OFFENSIVE weapon in his fight against evil.
SWAT: Lace Up The Boots Of Peace!
We've been loving learning how important it is to strap on the Armor of God in every battle during our All Church Groups Experience, Spiritual Warfare And Tactics! First, we strapped on the belt of truth, which is our core convictions and beliefs. Then, we learned that when we wear the breastplate of righteousness through upright living that aligns with God's expectations, it repels the attacks of the Enemy. This week, we're lacing up the Boots of Peace!
SWAT: Breastplate Of Righteousness
Throughout our SWAT series, we are learning from the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6 about how to fend off spiritual attacks from our Enemy, the devil. The Enemy attempts to attack us through invitation or invasion... and sin in our lives can be like rolling out a welcome mat for him at the front door of your soul! But, with the belt of truth strapped around your waists, you can then add to your Armor with the Breastplate of Righteousness.
SWAT: The Belt Of Truth
This week, we're kicking off our All Church Groups Experience, Spiritual Warfare And Tactics, by learning from Paul in Ephesians 6 about how to put the enemy in his place for good! The 1st piece of Armor we'll put on is the Belt of Truth.
Anxious For Nothing: Think About What You Think About!
Throughout our Anxious For Nothing series, we've been exploring how we can win the war against worry and go into the battle against anxiety with God's help! This week, we're putting the finishing touches on Dr. Paul's prescription for God's peace... which is to MEDITATE on good things!
Keep Calm & Pray On!
If you struggle with stress, anxiety, or fear of the future... God wants to write a new chapter in your story this Fall! That's why this week, we're continuing our Anxious For Nothing series by learning how to Keep Calm & Pray On!
Anxious For Nothing: Age of Anxiety
We're kicking off our new series Anxious for Nothing today by learning how to deal with anxiety. We live in an Age of Anxiety. In fact, anxiety disorders in the U.S. are ranked as the #1 mental health problem among women and #2 among men...
At The Movies: The Incredibles
This week At The Movies, we're learning together from the Hollywood hit, The Incredibles 2! This film is about a super hero family with INCREDIBLE abilities that they use to help others. You know, like the Incredible family, God has made YOU to live out an incredible purpose!
At The Movies: The Darkest Hour
This week At The Movies, we're continuing this exciting Summer series by discovering the truth behind the Hollywood hit, The Darkest Hour! This is a film all about Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who faced down Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime during World War II...
At The Movies: The Greatest Showman
The story of P.T. Barnum’s circus of beautiful misfits is a reflection of Jesus’ church!