Clean Water

True to our name, Liquid has a passion for bringing Clean Water to the world's poorest.

We have completed more than 50 clean water projects around the world... and we have projects scheduled into 2015!  To support the cause, click below.

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The Solution

We want to bring people together who are willing to GET DIRTY – to roll-up their sleeves and bring safe, clean drinking water to the world’s poorest.  Most villages in Africa and Central America have fresh water below the ground in natural aquifers, but no way to get at it without contaminating the water supply.  With the help of our experienced non-profit agency partners, we fund clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Africa and Central America.  Drilling a well in Central America costs $5,500 and as much as $15,000 in Africa.  Drill rigs can cost from $40,000 to mud drills to $100,000 for rock drills.

Here's how you can get involved...

1.  Take the Dirty Water Challenge

Looks nasty, right?  But it's filtered water with a touch of tea.  (That's why it looks dirty!)

Go on... try it!  Dirty water is all that more than 800,000 people around the world get to drink.

You can take the Dirty Water Challenge!  Here's what you do:

1) Drink only water for the 3 weeks.
2) Collect the money you save in your DIRTY WATER bottle.
3) Donate the money you save to provide clean drinking water by clicking here.

What difference will this make?

$20 will give a child clean, safe drinking water for 20 years. Imagine if everyone you have some influence over took the DIRTY WATER CHALLENGE!

If you are a church or organization that would like to partner with us for an organization-wide "Dirty Water Challenge," please click "Take the challenge!" below to let us know.

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2. Get More Information About Joining a Clean Team

Find out what is involved in joining a Liquid Clean Water Team to Nicaragua!  Click below to receive more information & and an invitation to our next Q&A conference call.

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3. Join a Team Now!

Are you ready to join a Clean Water Team? Click below to start the process.

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4. Donate to a Clean Water Project!

Want to support the cause financially?  Click below to donate!

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