Liquid Church Weddings

Engaged or thinking about getting married?  You've come to the right place! Marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to His children and Liquid is committed to fostering strong Christian marriages that go the distance.

Although we’re honored to be included in your Big Day, we’re not just interested in the details, we’re most interested in the long haul... what happens in the years after the ceremony is over!

There are 3 simple requirements to be married by a Liquid Pastor:

  • You and your partner must be Members or Regular Attenders of Liquid
  • Each partner should be a growing follower of Jesus Christ
  • You are willing to participate in Liquid's Marriage Mentoring program

Marriage Mentoring

The mentoring experience is a vital one that will make your engagement a time of eye-opening growth as you and your fiance sort through critical issues including sex, money, God, family backgrounds, and who will be taking out the garbage!

Each engaged couple is paired up with a seasoned married couple to meet every 2-3 weeks for casual conversation that will help you learn more about both yourselves and the glorious challenge that is marriage. Previous participants have called Marriage Mentoring the ‘best investment’ they made in their relationship!

Other Details

Where to get hitched?
In terms of where to get married, that’s totally up to you! You’re responsible for finding the church of your choice. Liquid’s Pastoral Staff is generally available to travel within a 75-mile radius of their campus for off-site weddings.

Who will marry us?
Liquid has a number of pastors who are available to perform weddings on any day except Sunday. Availability depends on a specific date and time.

How much?
While there is no set fee for getting married by a Liquid Pastor, couples traditionally provide an honorarium to the Pastor of between $250 - $500 to compensate for the significant investment of time.

For weddings held at the Mountainside Facility, there is a $750 Sanctuary rental fee (includes rehearsal and wedding day) plus a $500 refundable security deposit.

Suggested resources?
Consider checking out the Liquid message series Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Over four candid and engaging messages, Pastor Tim covers all the bases for building a godly relationship that will go the distance. Listen as a couple and prepare to laugh and learn together.

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Meet all the above criteria and ready to take the next step?  Fill out the Liquid Wedding Application below!

We understand that not all questions may apply to all couples. Please provide as many answers as possible and respond with "NA" for any questions that do not apply to your situation.