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Bible Lessons

Weekly Content To Grow Your Child’s Faith.

Every week we have a brand new video Bible lesson for your child. In fact, we have custom content for each age and phase, plus extra videos, resources, and guides to help your kids dive deeper into the content. Go ahead and start exploring!

November 28

Toddlers - Kindergarten (2-6 YRS OLD)

In week four, we will visit the story of Elisha and the wonderful couple who not only invited him to eat from their table but built a room for him on their home for when he was in town. They really understood hospitality! While we may not have someone who has made a room for us, we do have people who have helped us, and we can thank God for them.

Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Elementary kids are focusing on Contentment -- Learning to be okay with what you have. This week is the story of Giving Freely to the Lord’s People. - *2 Corinthians 8:1-5

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

We’re in Week 3 in our 3-week series called: Moving On! This is a series about something that can be difficult for all of us: forgiveness. This can be an especially hard concept for middle schoolers to grasp because their thinking is very concrete. It’s important to talk about forgiveness in a way that helps students see the benefits it offers to others and themselves. And it’s a chance to help them see that forgiveness allows them to move forward and move on in a healthy, helpful way.