Welcome and THANKS for being a part of Liquid Church’s first ever VIRTUAL CHOIR!

Below are some easy to follow steps to help you record and upload your video before our December 15th deadline so you can be part of our VIRTUAL CHOIR this Christmas!

Submission time left...

Step One

Download and print this copy of the Silent Night sheet music.

Step Two

To get started, watch this video of our New Brunswick worship leader (and choir conductor) Jan Allen leading you through Silent Night with music.  Take note of the music speed and Jan’s hand motions for the tempo you will need to sing at.

Step Three

If you need to set up a YouTube account, watch this video for instructions from Pastor Dave.

Step Four

Get a pair of headphones and sit in front of your computer or laptop.  Make sure you’re computer’s microphone works.  Make sure you’re wearing a black top with no logos.  Make sure your face is well lit – we wanna be able to see you! Make sure the room you’re in is quiet. Now, warm up your vocal chords, and watch this video so you can record and upload your video.

Once you've recorded your video, please upload it to YouTube with the title:  Liquid VIRTUAL CHOIR - YOUR NAME, your town, your state.

Well done!  You’ve just recorded and uploaded your performance for our VIRTUAL CHOIR!

Now, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to come to the Christmas Eve services to watch you sing!

We’re doing free family photos again this year . . . plus a few other special treats that your family is going to love!

Saturday December 24th, 2011
Reserve Your Free Tickets today: LiquidChurch.com/xmaseve

Morristown // Morristown Hyatt
12pm 2pm 4pm

New Brunswick // The Heldrich
2pm 4pm

Nutley // John Walker Middle School

Thanks so much for participating in the Christmas Eve VIRTUAL CHOIR.