Rock God - The Gospel

Big Bands.  Loud licks... Rock is back!  Rock God is a new series exploring faith in the music we all know & love.  Wear your tight jeans as we rock classic tunes by U2, Bon Jovi, and more... and discover God in the music!

Part 1 | Sep 20, 2009
When life hits us with a rogue wave-- an unexpected crisis or loss-- we're given a choice between Faith and Fear. Both believe "what hasn't happened will come true"... but only one has the power to calm the storm inside.
Part 2 | Sep 27, 2009
Some people approach God with a purely intellectual faith-- all up in the head. Discover Jesus' invitation to a relationship where you can let your hair down!
Part 3 | Oct 4, 2009
Is God running late in your life? Does He seem to be caught up in another delay while you sit there and needlessly suffer? Then listen in on how God’s “Bad Medicine” always proves to be exactly what you need!
Part 4 | Oct 11, 2009
A lot of people hunger for an Instant Miracle-- the extraordinary experience! When sometimes all that's really needed is ordinary obedience.