In many churches, membership is merely a token expression that signifies a person regularly attends a weekend service.  Some administrative responsibilities may come along with that (ie: voting for an annual budget), but the effect is basically nominal.  The statement made by this style of low-commitment membership is, “I attend here.”

At Liquid, however, we’ve designed membership to be highly relational – it’s about how we commit to care for and serve one another, in and out of weekend services.  It’s a mutual dedication to a shared mission, and a willingness to do life together.  This style of high-commitment membership says, “This is my family.”

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In becoming a formal member of Liquid Church, you’re making two other important statements:

1. “I’m committed.”
It’s a way of signifying that you’re giving yourself unreservedly to a living relationship – one that will have its ups and downs, much like a marriage. Saying “I’m committed” is a very counter cultural action in a commitment-phobic world where “living together” provides you with an easy exit if the relationship no longer suits you. We’re not a perfect church – and there will inevitably be growing pains and disappointments in our journey together. It’s at those moments when our mutual commitment to Jesus Christ – and one another – will pull us through the challenging times.

2. “You can count on me!”
Membership is a means of giving yourself wholeheartedly to something you believe in. It says, ”I not only applaud what you are doing, but you can count on my active participation in fulfilling the mission of this church!”You are saying you are willing to come to the weekly services, and in everyday life, you invest in friendships with unchurched people and invite them to “come and see.” During the week, you may connect with others by leading or participating in a Life Group. It means you’re willing to contribute by serving strategically and by tithing to Liquid in order to accomplish our mission of reaching out to lost people who are finding their way back to God.


A ‘covenant’ is a 2-way street - just as you’re making a commitment to our church, you should expect that our Staff and leadership are committed to you in specific ways!

You’re a Priority!
To begin with, being a member allows Liquid’s leadership to more clearly identify the core people who have been entrusted to our care. New members are the ones we are primarily accountable to God for watching over and ‘shepherding’ (nurturing, caring, training, counseling). It’s not that we won’t care for others - but when resources are limited and help is needed, our members receive first priority (1 Timothy 5:8).

Spiritual and Pastoral Care
Being a Liquid member means you can expect that Liquid’s leadership will:

- Know your story and track your spiritual journey to encourage you to take next steps in areas like; baptism, small group involvement, leadership.
- Provide pastoral care.
- Perform weddings, marriage mentoring, baby dedications, and other life events.

Equipping and Life Events
We’ll also make it our priority to:

- Connect you to the right people in our Life Groups or Life Classes.
- Help you use your gifts and fi nd the right place for you to serve.
- Provide leadership training for you if you’re a Life Group leader or on a Service Team.
- Provide you with current information on how Liquid is fulfilling its mission.

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