Job/Volunteer Opportunities

Liquid Church is a creative Christian church with a compelling vision—we take church to the people!  With campuses in Morristown, New Brunswick, Nutley and Mountainside, over 3,000 people experience our services every weekend.  As one of NJ’s fastest-growing Christian churches, we’re looking for leaders to help us in the adventure ahead.

If you're convinced you're the right person for a Job/Volunteer Opportunity listed below, fill out the application for employment online by clicking here -- or if you need to complete a paper application please email [email protected].

We are starting to break the Job/Volunteer Opportunities out by location, you can use the links below to view pages oriented towards specific campuses, jobs at the central office are listed below.

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Job: Service Systems Director

The Service Systems Director (SSD) reports to the Executive Pastor (XP) leading Systems Development, Documentation and Implementation for Service teams and other ministry areas, particularly, 

  • Refining and implementing the Service Teams Systems Strategy to get 50% of our people serving 
  • Enhancing Guest Connections Systems to provide a great guest experience and connect people 
  • Providing Systems Development and documentation support for other ministries
  • Developing and delivering metrics, analytics and survey results that encourage ministry growth

The SSD is a full-time staff role whose primary work week is Sunday through Thursday. It requires strong systems skills to be able to refine and document systems centrally and a developed influencing ability to ensure campus implementation.

A systems oriented, relational leader who continuously upgrades the documentation and delivery of the service and ministry systems for all campuses.


1. SERVICE TEAMS STRATEGY - Upgrades the Service Teams strategy and continuously develops the best approach to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding volunteers.

2. GUEST CONNECTIONS STRATEGY - Upgrades the Guest Connections strategy by continuously developing the best approach to welcoming guests, encouraging people to take their next steps, and getting them connected.


  • Systems Development - Works as a resource to help other ministry leaders refine and document their strategy and processes.
  • Systems Documentation - Develops and maintains an approach and works with ministry leaders to ensure that all ministry strategies, systems, and processes are documented, including Life Groups, Outreach, Partnerships, Cause, Campus Expansion, Spiritual Care, Leadership Development, and Service Teams.

Manages the Data & Analytics Coordinator who handles Metrics, Data Entry and Surveys.



  • Administratively gifted (King) Relationally gifted (Priest) 
  • Proven leadership capabilities with the ability to manage multiple projects/responsibilities at one time.
  • Has a natural bent towards systems thinking with a desire to document the results.
  • Strategic Planning - an ability to see the big picture and plan for the future.
  • Personal Character - needs to be a person with a high level of integrity and personal character.
  • "Can do" Attitude - dependable & willing to do "whatever it takes" to make their campus effective.
  • Team Player - ability to work collaboratively with the Liquid Church staff on a daily basis.

A staff member is to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid and lead in the following areas. Liquid's strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute. Come and invite your friends to worship at Liquid on Sundays, Connect in a Life Group and Contribute by giving and serving.

Volunteer : Central Office Administrator

Do you enjoy being at the center of activity helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly? Do you like organizing and improving the work environment for a busy office? The volunteer staff role of the Office Administrators will be to coordinate the activities necessary to ensure the Central Office (Mountainside) operates smoothly. In addition, the Office Administrators will provide support for the Volunteer Coordinator, Finance department and Data Entry projects as identified. The OAs will report to the Director of Office Administration.

The hours are flexible between 11am and 5pm, and you can commit to three to five hours on your scheduled day(s), whatever number of hours fit your schedule. We are currently looking for a person to serve on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities


This job will incorporate support for a wide variety of areas within the Central Office. Those areas include Receptionist, sorting and distributing mail, ordering supplies and stocking the kitchen and conference rooms, forwarding the church faxes, and special projects as required for Service Programming and Family Ministries.

Core Competencies:

  • Computer literate with internet searches, word documents, excel spreadsheets, and accurate data entry.
  • Friendly and helpful attitude, “can-do” willingness to pitch in wherever needed.
  • Pleasant telephone voice.
  • Organized and willing to work as part of a team.

Commitment & Status:
All volunteer staff are to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid Church. Liquid’s strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute. COME and invite your friends to worship at Liquid Church on Sundays; CONNECT in a Life Group; and CONTRIBUTE by giving and serving. All of our staff will lead in these areas.

Job : Worship Leader (Part-Time)

Worship is more than the music before a sermon. Worship happens every day and should never be confined to the church. The responsibility of a Worship Leader is to lead others to live their lives like the lyrics of a song, continually praising God for His love and goodness. If you agree, you could be what we're looking for.

We are currently looking for a Worship Leader to be part of the core team in leading Liquid Church's fourteen gatherings in musical worship each weekend.

You are:

  • Talented and have strong musical leadership and experience with keys, guitar, or other instruments
  • More likely to be found rocking skinny jeans and a leather jacket then a suit or a dress on a Sunday
  • Organized and efficent especially with time management
  • An excellent communicator both orally and written
  • A multi-tasking team player with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude
  • Experienced with tracks, clicks, loops

You will be:

  • Providing front-and-center leadership of the music in our Liquid Church gatherings
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, and spiritually leading multiple worship experiences on weekends and other possible weekly events
  • Recruiting, training, and building a worship team
  • Planning and organizing worship experiences to meet weekly time requirements, including mid-week rehearsal
  • Working directly with and answering to the Liquid Church Worship Pastor
  • All other activities and responsibilities given by the Worship Pastor

JOB : Life Group Coordinator

Under the direction of the Pastor of Discipleship, the Life Groups Coordinator is responsible for the overall coordination of Life Groups and the Life Class ministry at Liquid, centrally, and ultimately at the Campus level.

Following are the key responsibilities for the Life Group Coordinator:

  • Coordinates with Campus Life Group Coordinators (LGCs) and Campus Coordinators (CCs) to identify high capacity leaders at each campus;
  • Coordinates with Teams and Leadership Development Director to ensure leaders are part of the Pathway leadership training process;
  • Assists Pastor of Discipleship in developing new training materials and methods for implementation to our campus life group systems;
  • Coordinates with Campus Leadership, creates and sustains Life Group Coaching System;
  • Provides new leader training and LGL training to campus LGCs;  
  • Coordinates with the Pastor of Discipleship, the Outreach Director and the Campus Coordinators to develop a strategy for service opportunities within the campus community;
  • Assists LGCs to implement service opportunities for campus life groups within the campus communities;
  • Assists in the strategic development for the restart of Liquid’s Life Group system;
  • Coordinates with ACPs and CCs at the campus level to operate Life Classes, including identifying teachers, classes and material;
  • Coordinates Life Class and Life Group leader and coaches training, meetings, etc.;
  • Maintains metrics and analysis for groups, classes and recovery groups, works with LGCs to meet targets;
  • Assists the Pastor of Discipleship with support for Campus Life Group Coordinators, Coaches, Leaders and participants;
  • Performs key systems and coordination support for life group participants, particularly in campuses without LGCs;
  • Utilizing Liquid CONNECT to perform necessary administration and data entry tasks for all Life Group activities, including assistance in training and coordinating roll-out and implementation of Liquid CONNECT;

It is anticipated that this position will begin as a central role and transition to a CAMPUS Life Group Coordinator once the restart of Life Groups is well underway.

Commitments and Status:  All staff are to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid.  Liquid’s Strategy for our community is summarized in three words, Come, Connect and Contribute; Come and bring your friends to worship at the Sunday services, Connect with others in a Life Groups, and Contribute by giving and serving.  We anticipate that staff will lead in these areas by example.  Each new employee is hired as an “Introductory Employee” at Liquid for a period of 3 months.  During the Introductory Period, you will have the opportunity to learn your new position and see whether you enjoy your employment at Liquid.  The Church will use this period to evaluate your performance and determine whether you are able to meet the job requirements and its expectations.   This is primarily a Sunday to Thursday position.


The Life Group Coordinator identifies and supports the Life Group System at Liquid Church.  This includes identifying, recruiting, discipling and training Life Group Coaches at each campus. The LGC is a high capacity leader who has the following strengths:

  • Leadership – has leadership skills to work effectively with volunteer leaders on a regular basis. They must be able to create an environment where Life Group Coordinators and Coaches are cared for spiritually by their community and can engage volunteer experience in that process.
  • Relational Ability - a person who is approachable, is able to work well with and for people of varying personality types.  This position will require an ability to help make connections between needs and life groups, people and resources at a church-wide level and a campus level.  
  • Communicator – can clearly outline the Life Group goals of Liquid.

Other qualities deemed essential to success as a Life Groups Coordinator include:

  • Personal Character - needs to be a person with high level of integrity and personal character.
  • Team Player - ability to work collaboratively with the Liquid Church Staff i.e. our biggest fan outside of Liquid and our biggest critic within Liquid, specifically providing any feedback to the Service and Outreach Director.

Life Groups - RACI Model
RACI Chart

  • R = Responsible - the person who performs the work
  • A = Accountable - the person who is accountable for the end result (typically higher level)
  • C = Consulted - anyone who must be contacted before a decision is made
  • I = Informed - people who must be “kept-in-the-loop” after decision is made or task completed






Coordinate with Campus Life Group Coordinators, to identify, train and retain leaders



C- CCs

Creates Life Group Coach System at each campus




Assists in restart of Liquid Life Group Strategy



C- Lead Team

C-CPs, CCs

Assists in identifying service opportunities at Campus




C-CCs, CPs, LGCs

Coordinates Life Class leaders and arranges classes



C- Campus teams

Coordinate with individuals who want to be in a life group in campus without LGCs




Provide Training and Support for Liquid Connect to LGCs and Coaches at Campus level




C-Campus Teams

Maintains metrics and analysis for groups and works with LGCs and CCs to meet targets



I- Lead Team


Volunteer : Clean Water Team Lead

If you have been a member of a Liquid Clean Water Team and want to help facilitate other teams so they have the best experience possible, this is the volunteer role for you!

There will be two Clean Water Team Leads:  one for Leon, Nicaragua and one for Rivas, Nicaragua.  Each Team Lead will facilitate two trips a year.  This job will report to the Director, Clean Water Cause.  

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Organize and facilitate all aspects of two clean water trips each year.  Approximately 4-6 hours per week, flexible schedule.  


This job will incorporate support for all aspects of two trips per year, including:

  • Host 3 evening meetings per team.  
  • Prepare shared team Dropbox, customized documentation, agendas and calendar invitations for each team.
  • Create and maintain a team roster.
  • Provide LWI books, t-shirts and Liquid Water t-shirts to each team member.
  • Monitor and support the creation of a payment/fundraising website for each team member.
  • Follow payment progress for each team member, and addressing any issues.  
  • Order and pack supplies for each team beyond the donations.
  • Update Master Tracking document with any information required.  
  • Follow up on LWI background check, online registration and passport copy for each team member.
  • Partner with LWI Trip Coordinator to provide final travel documentation for the team
  • Whenever there is a cancellation, reach out to people on the waiting list to fill the spot.  Ensure the new person has all information required.  The goal is to have a full team of 12 people on every trip.  

Core Competencies

  • Computer literate using email, internet, word documents, and excel spreadsheets.  Knowledge of Google Docs and website registration software a plus.
  • Friendly and helpful attitude, willingness to answer questions and provide information in multiple formats, multiple times in preparation for each trip.
  • Excellent organizational and project leader skills.
  • Ability to generate excitement and calm fears for the team as the prepare for their trip.  

Commitment and Status

All volunteer staff are to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid Church.  Liquid’s strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute.  COME and invite your friends to worship at Liquid Church on Sundays; CONNECT in a Life Group; and CONTRIBUTE by giving and serving.  All of our staff will lead in these areas.