Job/Volunteer Opportunities

Liquid Church is a creative Christian church with a compelling vision—we take church to the people!  With campuses in Morristown, New Brunswick, Nutley and Mountainside, over 3,000 people experience our services every weekend.  As one of NJ’s fastest-growing Christian churches, we’re looking for leaders to help us in the adventure ahead.

If you're convinced you're the right person for a Job/Volunteer Opportunity listed below, fill out the application for employment online by clicking here -- or if you need to complete a paper application please email

We are starting to break the Job/Volunteer Opportunities out by location, you can use the links below to view pages oriented towards specific campuses or the central office.

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Job: Creative Services Director

Under the direction of the Operations Pastor, the Creative Services Director is responsible for working with all Liquid ministries and the Service Programming Team to develop and implement internal and marketing communication deliverables. 

Team Leadership: Creative Services Director will serve as the team leader for the Service Programming Team that serves the entire church. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Ensure healthy work environment for the team. Balancing out the deliverable requirements and creative needs of the team.
  • Regular 1on1 check ins with the entire team to ensure people’s individual spiritual and emotional needs are being met.
  • Developing a growth path for each team member that clearly indicates their next steps for professional, creative and personal growth through serving at Liquid.
  • Serve as chief advocate for their team and ensure that everyone has what is needed to perform their function well! 

Traffic & Project Management: The Creative Services Director is responsible for managing the production schedule:

  • Project Trafficking - Using project management & organizational skills, Creative Services Director will receive all creative project requests and be responsible for developing and tracking production schedules from initiation to closure. Serving as the primary liaison between Ministry Leaders and the Service Programming Team, the Creative Services Director will also monitor and report project statuses, gaining necessary approvals and negotiating deadlines when needed. Will require working knowledge of Google Docs and Google Calendar as well as proficiency with TeamworkPM.
  • System Development - The Creative Services Director should continually develop new organizational systems and evaluate existing organizational systems for Sundays and special events, which can be followed by support staff and volunteers as Liquid creates promotional materials and organizes supplies for its campuses (for example baptism items, outreach shirts and signage, Christmas Eve candles and gifts, etc.)
  • Administration – Additionally the Creative Services Director  will apply organizational skills to perform a variety of scheduling and administrative tasks, for example, updating the Baby Dedication schedule, arranging for photography of new staff, leading the weekly Service Programming meetings in place of the Operations Pastor as needed, and monitoring file organization on the server.
  • Event Support & Promotion – The Creative Services Director will provide support during campus launches, outreaches and special events by…
    • helping to develop promotional plans, with the support of the Operations Pastor.
    • creating deliverable lists and projections of needed items, working within budgets to quote and order signage and other collateral materials, scheduling design and video projects, and helping with the organization of supplies for transport. 

Technical Proficiencies: Liquid is an all-Mac organization and requires working knowledge of the following software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, iWork (Pages), Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Entourage), Google Docs and project management software (Liquid uses TeamworkPM).

Commitments and Status:  All staff are to be members and actively involved in the ministry of Liquid through Life Group participation. Each new employee is hired as an “Introductory Employee” at Liquid for a period of 3 months. During the Introductory Period, you will have the opportunity to learn your new position and see whether you enjoy your employment at Liquid. The Church will use this period to evaluate your performance and determine whether you are able to meet the job requirements and its expectations.



The Creative Services Director is a multi-faceted role related to project management, purchasing, administration and organization. Knowledge of graphic design, marketing, and mass communication is preferable. With a heavy emphasis on organization, the ability to multi-task, and build efficient working relationships between teams, the Creative Services Director should be a high-capacity leader with clearly recognized gifts in the following areas:

  • Organization - Proven organizational skills with the ability to think in a detail-oriented manner
  • Project Management - Proactive with experience managing multiple projects; ability to multi-task under tight dead-lines and a strong sense of urgency
  • Relational Ability - Strong written, verbal, and communication skills, experience in building efficient working relationships between departments, good negotiation skills, a “people” person who works well with Staff & volunteers of varying personality types
  • Excellence - Maintain a high level of excellence & quality throughout all creative outlets
  • Knowledge - Experience within a high-volume agency, graphic design firm/studio, internal corporate or prepress department

Other qualities deemed essential to success in the role of Creative Services Director  include:

  • Dedication to Christ - love of Jesus and His mission to reach the lost drives passion, follow-through, & excellence
  • “Can do” Attitude - willing to do “whatever it takes” to make services & church events effective
  • Team Player - ability to work collaboratively with the Liquid Church staff on a daily basis

Job : Campus Pastor (Full Time)

Do you have the kind of leadership that has people following you anywhere? Are you a Rock Star team-builder? Does the thought of inspiring large groups of people to be part of Something Bigger than themselves fill you with excitement?

The role of Campus Pastor is for natural-born leaders with the ability to quarterback one of our large city campuses. Although you're not responsible for preaching the sermon on weekends, you hold the primary role of leading, influencing, teaching, inspiring, recruiting, shepherding, and caring for our diverse congregation of Christ followers.

You are:

  • A proven leader with a knack for public speaking
  • A strong communicator and motivated team-builder
  • Passionate about recruiting & leading volunteers
  • Experienced in leadership roles in either a church or corporate environment
  • A multi-tasker, but can follow through and get things done
  • Organized and able to stay on top of administrative duties
  • Hard-working, but know how to laugh & have a good time
  • Self-confident, secure and more passionate than power-hungry
  • A team player no matter what
  • Committed to the Vision & Core Values of Liquid Church

You will be:

  • Responsible for providing Point Leadership at one of our city campuses
  • Responsible for hosting & producing our weekend worship services
  • Leading campus staff team while staying committed to the overall vision of Liquid
  • An instrumental part of building teams, developing leaders and volunteers
  • An instrumental part of developing Life Group leaders and coaches
  • Performing pastoral care responsibilities such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms

Minimum requirements include:
5 years experience serving in a church of 500+ or more OR
8 years comparable experience in corporate or team leadership

JOB : Campus Pastor Administrator (Part Time)

Under the direction of the Executive Assistant to the Pastor of Campuses, the Campus Pastor Administrator (CPA) is a part-time (20 hours/week) position responsible for day-to-day administrative support of the Campus Pastors/Campus Director. The schedule will generally require Monday and Tuesday support and the remainder of the hours will be determined based on availability of the individual.

Campus Pastor/Director Support

  • Weekly follow-up with all individuals identified by the Campus Pastor
  • Coordinating spiritual care system items: weddings, funerals, marriage mentoring, baby dedications etc. 
  • Coordinate Campus Pastors' schedules
  • Provide Ad hoc support as needed for all other campus activities
  • Complete expense reports
  • Email correspondence (as directed by the Campus Pastor)
  • Order supplies
  • Address large gift letters - Address and prepare letters for CP's to thank those who gave large gifts that week
  • Coordinate Volunteer "Thank You's" - Address and prepare postcards for CP's to thank Sunday volunteers
  • Submit each campuses Volunteer of the Week for weekly Elixir email

Central Support

  • Manage account: respond to all inquiries and/or delegating to appropriate person for follow-up
  • Update information in Fellowship One and Constant Contact as needed

Project and Change
Liquid is a changing environment with new projects and shifting roles. This position will change over time and the CPA needs to be able to adapt and grow.


  • Written communication skills
  • Administrative and organization skills
  • Attention to detail with the ability to work projects through to completion
  • Experience working in an office environment and the ability to work independently
  • Experience with software systems and capabilities; computer literate
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping
  • Commitments and Status

A staff member is to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid. Liquid's strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute. Come and invite your friends to worship at Liquid on Sundays, Connect in a Life Group and Contribute by giving and serving. We anticipate that all staff will lead in these areas.
The Campus Pastor Administrator is a multi-faceted role supporting various people and projects. The CPA should be a high-capacity leader with clearly recognized gifts in the following areas:

  • Organization - ability to handle multiple responsibilities at once; manage information; and develop ongoing systems
  • Project Management - ability to see through major projects and meet weekly deadlines
  • Relational Ability - a "people" person who works well with Staff and volunteers of varying personality types is an absolute must. Being able to positively interact with multiple types of people in a variety of settings will be a key ingredient of success.
  • Excellence - maintain a high level of excellence and quality in personal interactions with Staff and Volunteers

Other qualities deemed essential to success in this role:

  • Dedication to Christ - love of Jesus and His mission to reach the lost drives passion, follow-through and excellence
  • "Can do" Attitude - willing to do "whatever it takes" to make services and church events effective
  • Team Player - ability to work collaboratively with the Liquid Church staff on a daily basis

Job: Team Coach Coordinator (Part Time)

Big Win: The Team Coach Coordinator recruits, cares for and develops Team Coaches to reproduce themselves in their team.

  • Coaches feel cared for and connected to you, the Liquid Family campus staff and their team
  • Coaches are equipped to accomplish their task
  • Coaches feel ownership in decisions affecting their team
  • Coaches are challenged to take "next steps" in their lives and in their roles in volunteering
  • Coaches are challenged to recruit and develop volunteers
  • Coaches are developing one or more of their volunteers to be an Apprentice Coach
  • Each classroom is staffed with a team coach who serves weekly.


  • Build meaningful relationships with your coaches
  • Provide instruction, training and resources to the coaches in order to make them more successful
  • Observe coaches in their roles and provide regular feedback and encouragement
  • Write thank you notes to your team coaches
  • Regularly use the 6 Coaching Questions and the Coaching Role Descriptions to develop your coaches
  • Communicate important information to coaches in a timely fashion 
  • Connect weekly with your coaches through phone calls or email (midweek communication & Monday follow up) 
  • Meet 1-on-1 monthly with each of your coaches 
  • Huddle with your coaches quarterly (utilize Sunday volunteer lunch) 
  • Pray consistently for your coaches 
  • Encourage coaches to attend any leadership training
  • Work together with your Liquid Family campus team to plan occasional social gatherings to appreciate your coaches.


  • Read and be familiar with curriculum for all environments on Sunday
  • Serve your coaches by joining them in their ministry task to provide assistance as needed.
  • Consistently interact with volunteers before and after services in order to build relationships and identify potential coaches.

Time Commitment 

  • Part Time Staff role (20 hours) + Contribute
  • Meetings:
    • Weekly - Campus Team, Liquid Family (Tuesday)
    • Monthly - Liquid Family Development, All Campus, All Staff (Tuesday)
    • Sunday service oversight, set-up through tear down
    • Regular connecting time with Team Coaches
    • Liquid Family Ministry events & Liquid Outreaches

Volunteer : Associate Campus Pastor (Morristown & Mountainside)

The Associate Campus Pastor (ACP) is a volunteer staff role that works with the Campus Pastor (CP) leading the Liquid campus to achieve the three primary campus priorities of:

  • Leading the campus staff and volunteer leadership team
  • Moving people through the Pathway and helping them take their next steps at Liquid Church
  • Impacting the community.

The ACP has the accountability for the following areas and individuals:

  • Spiritual Care // Spiritual Care Coordinator
  • Life Classes // Life Class Coordinator
  • Support Groups // Life Class Coordinator
  • Mentoring // Mentoring Coordinators
  • Counseling // Lay Counselors to be developed

In addition, the ACP will support the CP on Sunday and assist with other spiritual care activities, such as, weddings, baby dedications, funerals, etc. The Assistant Campus Pastor is a volunteer staff role anticipated to be 12 to 15 hours a week.


A servant leader who partners with the campus pastor by connecting with and caring for people within community.



  • Leading the Campus Staff – The ACP will support the CP by directly managing a few people on the campus team. Management includes monthly one-on-one meetings to ensure SMART goals are being met and regular meetings are held to highlight key wins or to clarify issues that arise. ACP’s will also conduct yearly Personal Progress Discussions (PPD’s) and update job descriptions in conjunction with the appropriate central team indirect report.
  • Leadership Development – Support sthe leadership development process on a campus by ensuring that new and existing leaders in their particular area work through the Leadership Pathway of Discipleship, Leadership, and Management training.
  • Leadership Pipeline– Identifies and develops key leaders in their areas who will be able to step into Staff, Volunteer Staff, and Leader positions.


  • Pathway expansion: Working with the CP and the Connections Coordinator (CC), the ACP helps implement the campus strategies for the Pathway and helping people take their next steps to Spiritual Growth in their areas. The ACP primarily supports the next steps for the Personal Pathway- Believe, Baptize and Beginnings through classes and spiritual care, and the Community Pathway of Come, Connect in Life Groups, and Contribute in Service Teams through mentoring, spiritual care, counseling and support groups. The ACP supports the CP, CC, and the Life Group Coordinators (LGCs) to expand life groups and service teams on a campus. The ACP supports Campus wide activities each year. This includes regular activities such as baptism, Strategic service Sunday, Christmas Eve, Welcome to Liquid, and “Big Day” support.
  • Spiritual Care – The ACP has responsibility on the campus to provide spiritual care for people. ACP’s will work in conjunction with the CP’s to love and challenge people by encouraging spiritual growth within community.
  • Life Classes– The ACP leads the life classes on a campus by finding and supporting the class leaders. The ACP works with the Central Life Classes Administrator to ensure these classes are conducted regularly.
  • Support Groups – The ACP leads the support groups on a campus. The ACP works with the CP, and the Spiritual Care/Counseling Director to ensure these groups have leaders on the campus.
  • Mentors– The ACP leads the campus mentoring, ie pre- marriage mentoring, post marriage mentoring, and other areas in coordination with the Spiritual Care/Counseling Director.
  • Counseling– The ACP works with the CP and the Spiritual Care/Counseling Director to refer people to appropriate counseling options. When the Lay Counseling ministry is developed, the ACP will lead on a campus.


  • Community Events – Support the CP, in with presence at expo’s, parades, community days, etc. that helps expand Liquid’s evangelism presence in local communities.
  • Ministerium support – Support CP in the role of representing the campus at local ministerium’s.
  • Outreach Events - The ACP supports the CP with the campus Outreach Events each year.


  • First Ninety Days and Staff Expectations – In person
  • Liquid Leadership training – Complete Discipleship, Leadership and Management Courses the first 3 years.
  • Fellowship One – Online courses and in-person (ongoing as needed)



  • Relationally gifted (Priest) Administratively gifted (King)
  • Proven leadership capabilities with the ability to manage multiple projects/responsibilities at one time
  • Understands and supports the vision/mission of Liquid Church
  • Strategic Planning – an ability to see the big picture and plan for the future.
  • Relational Ability - a "people" person who works well with staff & volunteers of varying personality types.
  • Management Skills - recruiting & motivating volunteer teams to "make church happen."
  • Personal Character - needs to be a person with a high level of integrity and personal character.
  • "Can do" Attitude – dependable & willing to do "whatever it takes" to make their campus effective.
  • Team Player - ability to work collaboratively with the Liquid Church staff on a daily basis.

A staff member is to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid and lead in the following areas. Liquid’s strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute. Come and invite your friends to worship at Liquid on Sundays, Connect in a Life Group and Contribute by giving and serving.

Volunteer : Central Office Administrator

Do you enjoy being at the center of activity helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly? Do you like organizing and improving the work environment for a busy office? The volunteer staff role of the Office Administrators will be to coordinate the activities necessary to ensure the Central Office (Mountainside) operates smoothly. In addition, the Office Administrators will provide support for the Volunteer Coordinator, Finance department and Data Entry projects as identified. The OAs will report to the Director of Office Administration.

This will be a job-sharing position, with 3 to 4 people on the Office Administration team. The hours are flexible between 9am and 3pm, and you can commit to three to five hours on your scheduled day(s), whatever number of hours fit your schedule. Each team member will commit to 1 or 2 days per week. We are currently looking for a person to serve on Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities


This job will incorporate support for a wide variety of areas within the Central Office. Those areas include Receptionist, sorting and distributing mail, supporting Finance with incoming donations and deposit confirmations, ordering supplies and stocking the kitchen and conference rooms, verifying and documenting the weekly Staples order, coordinating conference room scheduling, forwarding the church general email, weekly data entry support, and special projects as required for Service Programming and Family Ministries.

Core Competencies:

  • Computer literate with internet searches, word documents, excel spreadsheets, and accurate data entry.
  • Friendly and helpful attitude, “can-do” willingness to pitch in wherever needed.
  • Pleasant telephone voice.
  • Organized and willing to work as part of a job-sharing team supporting each other.

Commitment & Status:
All volunteer staff are to be actively involved in the ministry of Liquid Church. Liquid’s strategy for our community is summarized in three actions: Come, Connect and Contribute. COME and invite your friends to worship at Liquid Church on Sundays; CONNECT in a Life Group; and CONTRIBUTE by giving and serving. All of our staff will lead in these areas.

Job : Worship Leader

Worship is more than the music before a sermon. Worship happens every day and should never be confined to the church. The responsibility of a Worship Leader is to lead others to live their lives like the lyrics of a song, continually praising God for His love and goodness. If you agree, you could be what we're looking for.

We are currently looking for a Worship Leader to be part of the core team in leading Liquid Church's fourteen gatherings in musical worship each weekend.

You are:

  • Talented and have strong musical leadership and experience with keys, guitar, or other instruments
  • More then likely to be found rocking skinny jeans and a scarf then a suit and tie on a Sunday
  • Organized and efficent especially with time management
  • An excellent communicator both orally and written
  • A multi-tasking team player with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude
  • Experienced with tracks, clicks, loops

You will be:

  • Providing front-and-center leadership of the music in our Liquid Church gatherings
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, and spiritually leading multiple worship experiences on weekends and other possible weekly events
  • Recruiting, training, and building a worship team
  • Planning and organizing worship experiences to meet weekly time requirements, including mid-week rehearsal
  • Working directly with and answering to the Liquid Church Worship Pastor
  • All other activities and responsibilities given by the Worship Pastor