Pastor Tim shared God's vision for applying what we find in Matthew 25 to our own lives.  Here are some of the great stories we've heard are already being planned with their "Reverse Offering":

"I'm using my Reverse Offering money to print up business cards inviting people to give to the three projects at http://LQD.CH/broke." ~Rosanne
"Our family is using Offering funds to purchase materials for a lemonade stand, and we'll bring back the profits to the Liquid project to restore flood-damaged homes in Manville." ~Christine
"Our kids are selecting families to help on the other side of the world through -- with micro-loans that will be reinvested in helping build new lives over and over again." ~Kenny
"Our company will purchase the ingredients and supplies to make a custom cake and donate the proceeds to the community project to feed the hungry in Paterson." ~ Lauren

How you are going to show God’s love by investing your money & muscle to make a difference?