Life Classes

Take new steps of growth, connect with others,
and then apply what you learn.

Liquid Church Classes

Classes, similar to Life Groups, are another way Liquid helps people develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus.  Life Classes provide a classroom environment where you can take practical next steps of growth, connect with others in the process, and apply what you learn in your everyday life.


The Legacy Journey

The Legacy Journey is the class that will teach individuals and families how to live and leave a legacy—one that will bless their families, community and the world for generations to come. This exciting new class will address questions like what does the Bible really say about money? About wealth? How much money makes you wealthy? How much does God expect you to give to others? How does wealth affect your friendships, marriage and children? How much is enough? How should you invest for the future? How do you ensure that your family is truly secure?


This class will start on May 15, 2014 and will be offered only in Morristown.  Click on the link below to sign-up!