Life Classes

Take new steps of growth, connect with others,
and then apply what you learn.

Liquid Church Classes

Classes, similar to Life Groups, are another way Liquid helps people develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus. Life Classes provide a classroom environment where you can take practical next steps of growth, connect with others in the process, and apply what you learn in your everyday life.


Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University helps you relate to money, pay off debt, save for the future and protect your plan for years to come.

Our next classes will be on October 9th. Sign-Up forms will be available in September.




The Beginnings class is a great class to help you start on your path, in your relationship with Christ. Here at Liquid we want to help you understand your next steps after you have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ!

This class will help you know Liquid a little more, understand the importance of the Bible, prayer, and having fellowship.

Coming Summer 2016


GPS: Discover My Calling

3 week course

Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with a GPS?

Once you are on the journey of letting Jesus set your heart free, an important additional step is to find your calling or purpose, how God has uniquely created you to serve in His Kingdom. Just like GPS is used to find our way to our desired destination, the Liquid Church GPS seminar has been designed to lead you through a self identification & assessment process which will help in your desire to understand how God has given you specific gifts, personality, passions, and life experiences to be a part of growing His Kingdom.

Cominmg Summer 2016


Marriage Class

These classes are being held for those couples who are committed to improving their marriage. It is for couples who understand that sometimes it helps to listen to people who have more experience and wisdom and training than they do and are willing to learn. We are asking that couples commit to attending for eight consecutive sessions.

If you are currently dealing with adultery, pornography, addiction, abuse or separation in your marriage, these classes would not be appropriate for you at this time. However, at Liquid, we want to help you restore your marriage and life – but this is not the forum for these issues. If your marriage is struggling due to any of these circumstances, please reach out to Karen Shannon, Liquid Church’s Director of Spiritual Care and Counseling at for guidance and assistance.

This class is coming soon.