If you are are a regular attender at Liquid who has experienced the loss of a family or loved one, please contact your Campus Pastor.

Raf Zayas (raf@liquidchurch.com) - Morristown
Scott Elliott (scott@liquidchurch.com) - Mountainside
Chris Kaefer (chrisk@liquidchurch.com) - Nutley
Jason Pettibone (jasonp@liquidchurch.com) - Nutley
Cuyler Black (cuyler@liquidchurch.com) - New Brunswick
Jon Coords (jon@liquidchurch.com) - Somerset
Keon Carpenter (keon@liquidchurch.com) - New Brunswick
Mike Leahy (mike@liquidchurch.com) - Morristown 

If you are not sure who to contact, please contact the Liquid Office at 973-879-8655 and ask for Karen Veenstra.  Karen and our Campus Teams would be privileged to walk alongside you and your family during this season of loss in your life.