October 19th

God put a yearning in your heart for a life of meaning and significance and when you said yes to his serving, He entrusted you with a vision -- a vision to be part of something so much bigger than yourself.  

Thank you for saying yes to changing the world one child and family at a time. Thank you for showing them how to love God and be loved by God. It's what God designed you for -- to make his Kingdom bigger!

Volunteer of the Week





VOW MTS 1019 VOW NUT 1019 VOW NWB 1019

VOW MOR 1019

Wendy Sorokata

Clara Buckley

Jacki Dancu
Jane Duetsch

Wendy Sorokata is Mountainside's VOW. Wendy is a Team Coach in Early Childhood at our 10:30 service. Wendy and her girls Kayla and Izzy have such a heart for these children. Wendy is a strong leader, that can handle any situation that is presented to her. Thank you so much for serving Wendy, we are so blessed to have you!!

Clara Buckley is our Volunteer of the Week! Clara is a newer addition to our Liquid Family team and is already proving to be a rockstar! Clara led our Early Childhood room this past Sunday with such ease. We had a packed room and Clara managed to engage all of our children in activities! Clara, thank you for being so willing to dive right in! We're so grateful to have you on our team!

Our Volunteer of the week is Jacki Dancu who has served in EL for about 6 months. She connected with LF through Mike Brennan after a Water trip. She has served every week as a small group leader since she has come aboard. Jacki continues to develop relationships with the kids and is invested in the program. She has become such an important part of Liquid Family and we (and her small group) appreciate all she does to serve Jesus in NWB!

Jane Duetsch is our VOW! Love, Love, Love watching Jane interact and worship with her 4th Grade Small Group. She brings so much energy and enthusiasm on Sunday mornings! Upon first glance one might even mistake Jane for one of the kids. ;) She leads by example in all she does, is a great listener, and brings tons of fun to the table. Thanks Jane! You are impacting these young lives for eternity.