JUly 27

Volunteer of the Week







maggie & maura leahy

melissa sparacino

hugh mura
mike dempski

Maggie and Maura Leahy are Mountainside's VOW. Both girls serve weekly in toddlers or infants. They both show so much love for those babies. Every week, a baby falls asleep in their arms and if they are not sleeping they are comforted by the care and love these girls have for them. Thank you Maggie and Maura for being such consistent, loving caregivers for these babies.

Melissa Sparacino is our Volunteer of the Week! Melissa serves as an Elementary Small Group Leader and diligently works to challenge herself and grow as a leader. Last Sunday Melissa really personalized our "Think Orange" vision during our huddle time. We're so appreciative that Melissa thoughtfully considers why serving matters so much. Melissa you are such an important part of our team!

Our Vow this week is Hugh Mura. Hugh is a regular on our schedule plus he is always ready to jump in anytime to help us. He will sometimes work a Saturday night shift and still help us on a Sunday morning. He totally gets our vision of leading kids to Christ at a young age. He knows what he does matters and he gives his all to serve here in LF!

Mike Dempski is our Volunteer of the Week! Mike stepped in as Team Coach in Toddlers on Sunday and did a fantastic job with our little liquidites. He brings the perfect amount of subdued energy on Sunday mornings to keep our highest energy classroom running like a well-oiled machine. Mike is a great team player, an awesome calming agent, and and all around to joy to have on our toddler team. Thanks for being such a steadfast volunteer Mike!