april 19

Volunteer of the Week!






Julio Gonzalez Heather Canfield Tuty Rosario

Molly Porter


heather canfield

Tuty rosario
Molly porter

Julio Gonzalez is Mountainside's VOW. Julio is an awesome high schooler who just loves to Emcee in Elementary. It is amazing to watch Julio in this role especially because he memorizes everything he is supposed to say and never even has any paper in front of him. If he could Emcee every week, he would! He has gotten so comfortable in this role and if we need him at the spur of the moment, he is always ready to jump in. This is why Julio is our VOW!

Heather Canfield is the Nutley VOW for this week! Heather is the Team Coach for elementary. She does her work with such great passion and she knows how to love on each child. Also, when you walk the halls of Liquid Nutley you can always hear Heather's voice welcoming each child. Each week elementary kids are excited to come in because Miss Heather. Thank you, Heather, for making a difference!

Tuty Rosario really is a team player! The Infant Toddler room was overrun with 26 babies and the worse thing ever happened (if you ask a two year old) - they RAN OUT OF CHEERIOS!!! After 9:30 service ended she went to the store and returned with a box for 11:30 and then stayed and served a double because of the shortage!! This really showed such a commitment to the team. The kids were SOOOOO happy for the Cheerios!!

Molly Porter is our VOW! Molly brings her A-Game every week as she uses her God-given talents and gifts to teach our Toddler and Early Childhood kids. Molly does double duty each Sunday leading worship and then emcee’ing the Bible lesson in, not one, but two classrooms back to back!  Molly’s love of theater and love of kids couple so well as a key volunteer in Liquid Family. Molly led nearly 200 kids last weekend as well as serving at 4 out of 5 Easter services for a total of 8 classrooms of kids! Thanks for all you do Molly!