October 5th

Don't be that leader!

Don't Be That Leader on Vimeo.

Watching this video makes us especially grateful for you and all you do for our kids! Thanks for not being that leader!

Volunteer of the Week







Caitlin Muray

James & Cintya Apap

Our Junior helpers
Nicole Krauss

Caitlin Murray is Mountainside's VOW. Caitlin has been volunteering in Oasis for the past few weeks which is such a tough role to fill. She is doing it with a smile on her face as she welcomes and hangs out with the kids. Caitlin is also an awesome worship leader in Elementary and she volunteered without the 'ask' to be our worship leader today. To watch Caitlin lead the kids in worship is breathtaking. She has such joy when she leads. This is why Caitlin is our VOW!!!

James & Cintya Apap are our Volunteers of the week! James & Cintya were not scheduled this week and came to our rescue when they found out more help was needed. They truly led our Middle School room this week. They give so much to our students and work hard to intentionally build relationships. Each week they write a STACK of postcards so that each one of our students knows how much they matter. James & Cintya, thank you for all that you do, your influence matters greatly in Liquid Family!

Our Volunteers of the week are our Junior Helpers. New Brunswick is blessed by having a group of Jr. High kids who love to serve. They serve in so many capacities: I/T, EC, Tech and Worship Leaders. Liquid Family could not run as smoothly without our Jr. Helpers. Most of them serve weekly and they are ALL amazing.

Nicole Krauss is our VOW! We have been so blessed by Nicole's servant's heart and willingness to do whatever it takes to make Liquid Kids run smoothly on Sunday morning. Nicole has been engaged so fully with her new buddy in our special needs program. She has invested in getting to know her and into making her experience as independant and abundant as it can be! Nicole has also pitched in for a second service the last 2 weeks in our Oasis room that has exploded at the seams with volunteer kids. She is a breath of fresh air, a ray of joy in our Liquid Family! Thanks for being YOU Nicole!!! We <3 Nicole Krauss!