April 20

Easter Sunday!

 Easter Sunday will be a BIG day at your campus because you are doing something great with your life! Preparation for this day has been in the works for months, but it's not about preparing for just one day. It's all about eternity! Here are 3 things you can do to be ready:
  • Read your curriculum so you know what's happening before you arrive and can enjoy being in the moment with the kids!
  • Get your smile and your Liquid Family t-shirt on (not just any Liquid shirt so our families can identify you as a team member)
  • Arrive early so you and I can give our guests the best experience

You will have an amazing view on Sunday as you watch God work in the lives of children. I love that you will get to witness it as a result of the time you've given to Him. Ask Him to give you His eyes to see the children and their families the way He does. I'm pretty sure it will change your morning ... and eternity!





vow-mts-4.20.14 vow_nwb_4-20-14


Amy Keane


Carol and Travis Abel
Alex Soares 

Our VOW this week is Amy Keane. Amy has been serving weekly as TC at our 9:00 service. What is so cool about Amy being the TC in Elementary is that her 2 boys, Ben and Sam are also in Elementary and they don't mind her being there! Amy is so awesome with all the volunteers and kids. She has such an easy going demeanor and is a pleasure to serve with. Thank you for being such an incredible leader.

Our Volunteer of the Week is Rachael Jarvis. Click on the video above!

Our Volunteers of the Week (VOW) are Carol and Travis Abel, who have not only volunteered regularly in Elementary, but have filled in so many extra weeks. They feel so bad about taking off for soccer games that they totally give everything they can during the off season. They are such a good team and an incredible gift to Liquid Family!

Alex Soares is our Volunteer of the Week!  His acting skills are second to none both on and off screen.  Alex filled in for us this week as the noon Elementary Emcee.  It is SO fun to watch Alex "in character".  Thanks for always helping us out in a pinch, Alex, and always bringing your "A" game!  You're the best!