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Paul VoOrhees & Stephen Tavares

Danielle Barat

Jill Davis
John Karpi

Paul Voorhees and Stephen Tavares are Mountainside's volunteers of the week. This tag team volunteers for Middle School at our very busy 10:30 service weekly. They bring great energy as they mentor all the kids and especially the boys in their small groups. They are building lasting relationships and making a huge impact in all of these kids' lives. This is why Paul and Stephen are the VOW's this week!

Danielle Barat is our volunteer of the week. Danielle is our team coach for Elementary. She not only cares for and loves the kids but knows how to love on her 9:30 volunteers. Danielle is also willing to serve in the gaps when we are short. Grateful for Danielle. She a gift to Nutley!

Our Volunteer of the week is Jill Davis. Jill has been a consistent Middle School leader who is so invested in Liquid Family. This week, she checked Facebook to see that we needed some hands and asked if she could fill in. The kids love her and she brings a sweetness to the small group time that the girls really connect with. God has given Jill an amazing gift and Jill uses that gift to minister to the middle school group.

John Karpi is our Volunteer of the Week! The toddlers NOTICE when John Karpi walks into the room Sunday morning. This guy is like a celebrity - they love him! It's adorable! John is an awesome volunteer - always on time, always reliable, always fun, and always energetic to keep up with all the toddlers. So thankful for your heart for kids and serving John. You are an exceptional addition to our Liquid Family!