september 6

Volunteer of the Week!






Amy Keane ana_calo Shane & Brittany Whelan


Amy keane


Shane & Brittany Whelan

Our VOW is the amazing Amy Keane! Amy has been volunteering weekly since the launch of Mountainside starting as a TC in Elementary and most recently handling the Check In process. Amy greets the families with a smile and always makes them feel comfortable. Very often she will continue the check in process for the 2nd service due to the hectic switch of our service times being so close together. Today, the self check in computers stopped working in the craziest time, and Amy stayed calm and took care of each family that came through the door. Mountainside is so grateful for Amy as well as her entire family, who all serve at Liquid!

Ana Calo is our VOW and she serves in our toddler room. She is approachable, friendly and always has a smile on her face. She truly represents what a faithful servant of God is. She is patient, loving, kind & always willing to contribute when & where ever needed. Thank you, Ana for your love, compassion and integrity, that you give to each child! You are vital to the success of our Liquid family!

Our Volunteers of the week are Shane and Brittany Whelan. Shane and Brittany began serving about a month ago. They have become such an asset to our team. They have served every week wherever they are needed. Today they filled in at 11:30 in our Infant/Toddler room. Shane and Brittany are planning to serve weekly in elementary beginning with the new school year.

We are so grateful for them.

Our VOW this week is Montzerat Hunter!  This new college freshman serves in Liquid Family so faithfully Sunday after Sunday in our Oasis room.  She is calm and cool amidst crazy kids and handles every situation with grace and maturity. She also makes every child feel important and heard.  The past two weeks Montzerat has made it possible for one of our families to make it to church despite some transition troubles with their kids.  Montzerat has been just what these little girls have needed to feel safe and comfortable for mom and dad to leave for church.  We're SO thankful for you, Montzerat!  Congratulations on your first week at college too!!!!