April 13

Smiles wanted!

During the next few weeks you will have more new families arrive in your classroom on Sunday than usual. But what's the #1 reason that would make them want to come back? 

The number one reason a guest will return is FRIENDLINESS! How often have you gone somewhere new only to experience the employee who is too wrapped up in their paperwork or tied up on the phone to acknowledge you? Worse yet, what if you arrive and it feels like everyone else knows each other except you?The best thing you and I can do is be 100% focused on the people in front of us. Here are a few tips to remember:

1. Smile! (Not smiling communicates something too). :)

2. How you say it and what you say matters! If you are already helping someone and a new family arrives, acknowledge them by saying, "Hi, I'm so glad you're here. I'll be right with you."

3. Always walk and never point. Don't tell guests where to go; take them! 

4. Answer questions. Sometimes you might not know the answer to the questions but instead of saying, "I don't know," say, "let me find out for you" and then take steps to get the answer. Your attention to their needs will make an impression.

Thank you for all you do to love on our new and returning families each week! Keep smiling!





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Terri Dionisio

Natalia and Joanne Acevedo 

Berri Tuttle
Carolina Montoya

Mountainside's Volunteer of the Week is Terri Dionisio. Terri has been and continues to be our rock as the TC in Elementary. She is extremely flexible and always up for a challenge. Terri arrives early to make sure EL has everything they need for a successful Sunday. She is passionate and shows her love for  the kids. Thanks so much for all you do! You are such a blessing to Liquid Family.

Natalia and Joanne Acevedo are our Volunteers of the Week! Natalia Acevedo serves as a buddy in Early Childhood. This week we were shorthanded and Natalia ran the show in Early Childhood! She had those little ones, singing, dancing and then sitting quietly for our story! Natalia you are amazing! Joanne Acevedo is such a blessing to our team. Joanne often jumps in to lend support when she is not regularly scheduled. She is incredible at caring for our new families and making them feel welcome. Joanne works tirelessly on Sundays to support our Campus ministries! Joanne thank you for giving all you've got each and every week!

Our Volunteer of the Week (VOW) is Berri Tuttle who serves as a TC in Early Childhood. Berri always does an amazing job in that room. This week she actually cut her weekend away short Leaving her hotel at 7AM to make it here by second service Huddle!! Berri has a great way with those little ones and no matter what is going on in Ec Berri has a smile. She Rocks!

Carolina Montoya is our VOW! She is SO good with kids and seems like she has 8 arms and eyes in the back of her head with the way she is able to really "see" each kid and the environment around them and meet all needs. She has a true gift. I feel like we could throw her into any situation and she would rise to the occasion and manage to still make everyone involved feel loved and cared for.  Carolina is flexible and astute and an all around awesome buddy!