march 22

What you do for a kid matters!

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Sonia Cadogan Makenna Fabrazzo Amanda Choo

Jack McCracken

sonia cadogan 

makenna fabrazzo

amanda choo
jack mccracken

Sonia Cadogan is our VOW. Sonia has been a rock at Mountainside since the launch. She served weekly at the 4:00 service and continued to serve weekly for 2 services each Sunday. Sonia is also our leader for Special Needs. She is amazing with the Special Needs kids and shows a tremendous amount of joy when she is with each and everyone of them. When she is not with a Special Needs child she steps in wherever she is needed. Sonia has served in every room in every capacity and we just love her so! You truly are a blessing to everyone you touch!

Makenna Fabrazzo - She is The Boss. Makenna is a faithful junior volunteer for the infant room. As we add new volunteers to the infant room, she has been the one to tell the adult volunteers what to do. You will always find her writing cards to each of the infants in the room. Makenna knows how to run a very tight ship. Miss Makenna, you are the Best!

Amanda Choo is a small group leader in our Elementary Room. Amanda is great with the kids and is SO invested. She is right at home leading her small group, and is so well liked by the team. She is a warm, down to earth girl. She has served consistently for 3 years and it is quite clear that the kids love her!

Jack McCracken is truly a “Jack”-of-all-trades! This guy is excited and willing to step into any role we throw his way!!!! Jack started the school year off as a 1st grade Small Group Leader (SGL) and then transitioned seamlessly (by special request) in the New Year to become an amazingly devoted and committed buddy in our Special Needs program. Jack’s buddy was away this week but Jack did not sleep-in or take a well-deserved break…… He stepped in as a substitute Small Group Leader (SGL) to our 4th grade group at the 9am and then did double duty after he attended service by returning to be a substitute SGL in our noon Middle School program! Seriously Jack! You’re a gem!