October 26th

Volunteer of the Week





VOW MTS 1026 VOW NUT 1026 VOW MOR 1026 A

VOW MOR 1026

Rebecca Girardi & Mark Rivera

Kathy Roller

Mike Brennan
George Ockel

Rebecca Girardi and Mark Rivera are Mountainside's VOWs. Rebecca and Mark are new to serving with us and took on Early Childhood at our 12:30 weekly. They are so wonderful with the kids. They both have such servant hearts and bring love and care with them as they serve each week. Mountainside is so blessed to have Rebecca and Mark on our team! Thank you both for being such rocks in Early Childhood!

Our Volunteer of the Week is Kathy Roller! Kathy serves as a buddy but has been known to wear many hats in Liquid Family! This week Kathy served in Infants.. changing diapers, comforting our little ones and playing with them while they spent time with us. Kathy, thank you for your willingness to serve anytime anywhere! It takes a special person to do what you do! We appreciate you!

Our Volunteer of the week is Mike Brennan. Mike is one of our amazing elementary emcees. He delivered the message with a brilliant,loud, high energy performance this week. The kids were engaged and excited to be part of that group. We are so grateful for his leadership here in LF. Mike brought the fun!

George Ockel is this week's VOW! George was an Elementary emcee for the first time on Sunday. He is usually the man behind the scenes that makes sure the slides and sound are correct. Yesterday he jumped out in front of the kids and did an awesome job!!!