The greatest gift ... in you!

Every week in your classroom, you have the opportunity to teach the greatest story every told. You get to sing fun and catchy songs. You have the chance to play, color, laugh, high-five and be a kid at heart. But we couldn't do any of it without you! Thank you for using these incredibly important things to make a lasting impact in hearts big and small, as kids watch you model what it means to have a relationship with the One who gave His life for you.

This Sunday you will have the opportunity to share the greatest gift who lives in you. Thank you for remembering it is more than a story and more than a song. Thank you for introducing them to the God who loves them and wants to be their forever friend.







VOW MTS 1221 VOW NUT 1221 !nwb_vow_12-21-14

VOW MOR 12.21

Caroline & Kate Scobee

Gerald Walle

Lauren Burton
Lisa Schmidt

Mountainside's VOW are the tag team sisters- The Scobees! Caroline and Kate took the Emcee Costume Challenge seriously! Not only are they adorable, but they are awesome leaders in Liquid Kids! Caroline takes her leadership skills and Emcees for us monthly and Kate engages the kids with her beautiful worship weekly. Thank you both for being champs in Liquid Kids!

Our Volunteer of the Week is Gerald Walle. Every week Gerald greets our families and takes care of details. Gerald is always receiving the kids and families with a warm welcome. His warm smile is always ready to receive you. Gerald each week also helps with tear-down and we are grateful for all his hard work each week. Merci Gerald! Vous êtes le meilleur!

Lauren Burton is our VOW. She serves weekly, and this school year has moved to Middle School. She is so sweet and invested in her small group. The kids are always disappointed when she isn't on the schedule!! This week she brought a friend with her to shadow serve as she knows our Middle School room is growing and could always use more volunteers. This shows such an investment in our team and what we are trying to do there in Liquid Family. We're so grateful for her.

Lisa Schmidt is our Volunteer of the Week! Lisa served double duty this week holding babies when we needed extra help. Lisa could've chosen anything to do with the little bit of free time she had on Sunday morning, but when she overheard that we were short a helper at the 12:30 service in infants, she did not hesitate a moment before offering to stay. What a heart-warming sight to see her rocking babies all morning long. Thanks for loving our Liquid Family, Lisa!