May 24

Volunteer of the Week!






Jessica and Frank Sforza Raquel Alonso 2 Stacy DeCastro

Princess Howard

jessica & frank sforza

raquel alonso

stacy decastro
Princess Howard

Jessica & Frank Sforza, YOU are our Volunteers of the week. Jessica and Frank were serving in our Toddler room and asked to start serving with the older kids. Frank has stepped up as an Elementary Emcee while Jessica has been a small group leader in Elementary, or she will step in wherever we need her. They both interact with the kids in such an awesome way and have beautiful servant hearts. Frank & Jessica, you both are such blessings to Liquid Family!

Our VOW is Raquel Alonso. She stepped up as a substitute Team Coach for Elementary this week. We didn't even have to ask her! When she heard there was a need, she offered to help! She even came early to church to shadow the Team Coach in the earlier service. She loves working with the kids and is great in any room we ask her to serve in. Thanks for loving our kids so well, Raquel! You're the best!!

Our Vow this week is Stacy DeCastro! Our Middle School girls just love her as she takes the time to talk to them and connect. I have seen Stacy in action, asking questions and facilitating conversations with the girls. I have heard from my own daughter how much she is loved by the group. She really does have a special connection with the girls!

Princess Howard is our Volunteer of the Week!  Princess has found her niche in the Infant room!  She has the perfect touch to soothe and calm these little ones or entertain them perfectly.  It is obvious that she’s serving in just the right spot! She lights up when she enters the room and you can still see the joy on her face at the conclusion of the service.  We are so proud of you Princess for using your God-given gifts with these little babies so their moms and dads can attend church.  Thank you for your faithful service on Sunday mornings!!