august 2

Volunteer of the Week!






Dareth and Paul Voorhees James Apap Esteysi Gomez-Rojas

Cathy Warren

dareth & paul Voorhees

cintya & james Apap

esteysi gomez-rojas
cathy warren

Dareth and Paul Voorhees - you are our Volunteers of the Week! Dareth and Paul have been faithful servants since the launch of Mountainside. They have both served with different age groups, but over the summer they have been serving together weekly in either Infants or Early Childhood. Even with having their own 5 kids, they still don’t mind being with little ones each and every Sunday! Thank you both for being such a tremendous blessing to the kids and Liquid Family!

This week’s VOW are James and Cintya Apap. They are small group leaders for both our middle schoolers and high schoolers. Over the years, they’ve developed close relationships with their students and have become safe havens to them. Thank you for investing your time and marriage in our kids!

Our Volunteer of the Week is Esteysi Gomez-Rojas! Esteysi is filling the role of Team Coach in our Elementary classroom for the summer. She keeps the room humming and has a smile while she does it. Esteysi is such a great addition to our team and we are happy to have her!

Cathy Warren is our VOW this week! Cathy serves with all her heart and is always there to lend a helping hand. Cathy was not scheduled to serve on Sunday but stopped by anyway because she knew we were short-handed. She jumped right into our Toddler/Early Childhood room when she saw we had a LOT of kids in there. She put her Infant Team Coach leadership skills right to work and played with the kids all the while encouraging the other volunteers too. You are one impressive lady Miss Cathy! We love you and are so thankful for you!