They can't compete with you!

Nickelodeon, Disney, Broadway—they all have the best productions. You can't compete financially with what they can put on. But they can't compete with what you can put in the life of a kid relationally.

Excellence in our programs, teaching, and presentations are so important, but they don't substitute for a consistent adult who is physically present in the life of a kid. There are so many kids who don't believe in God because there are so many kids who don't have consistent adults in their lives that are God-like.

You are connecting them to something that is bigger than themselves—a community of faith. Thank you for being present.


Volunteer of the Week







Stephen Tavares

Grace & Meghan Montgomery

The Coords Kids
Jack McCracken

Mountainside's volunteer of the week is Stephen Tavares. Steve is a core middle school leader who is an awesome role model for our teens. The kids look forward to hanging out with Steve each week and are comfortable with opening up to him. Thank you Steve for being such an inspiration to these kids who look up to you!

Our volunteers of the week are a dynamic duo! Grace & Meghan Montgomery have been a vital part of our team. They have made serving a priority and their consistency has allowed them to make a difference in the lives our of kids. Grace & Meghan are heading off to college this week and we're so excited for them as they begin this part of their journey! We're really going to miss them but we are so grateful for the impact they have made!

Our Volunteers of the week are the Coords Kids: Sadie, Malachi, Laine, Arianna, and Ayanna.They are there every week and serve with such sincerity. Their gentle hearts minister to the kids of early childhood and infant/toddler. We love how they have learned to serve Jesus through our Liquid Family.

Jack McCracken is our Volunteer of the Week! Jack is always ready to jump in wherever we need him. This week he was our Early Childhood emcee and did an amazing job capturing the kids attention. If Jack isn't in front of the kids emceeing, you can find him on the floor leading a small group or at the table helping with crafts. His heart for kids is inspiring! Thanks for being part of our team, Jack!