April 27

Three things to do to thrive as leader:

 1. Kids need to know to know their boundaries. This isn't just behavior management -- it's discipleship. It can be gentle and affirming, but when it's done well, everyone knows how to treat others the way you want to be treated

2. Kids need to know you're serious and how to make the wise choice. When you show up prepared you demonstrate how important their relationship with God is and that teaches an incredible, unspoken lesson. 

3. Kids need to know you care. The way you show up consistency communicates you care and shows them they can trust God no matter what.

These 3 core truths are embedded into all we do specifically in our elementary curriculum, but the principles apply no matter what age group you lead. Utilizing these core truths will help you love what you do even more than you imagined possible.

Thanks for doing for a few!





vow-mts-4.27.14 vow_nwb_4-27-14


Gretchen Phoenix


CLauren Golias
Tracee Flaherty

Mountainside's VOW is Gretchen Phoenix. Gretchen has volunteered as Team Coach/Teacher in Mountainside at the 4:00service since launch. On Easter, she served in our Toddler room for the 8:30 service and then hung around to see if we needed her again for the 10:30 service. Our infant room exploded at the 10:30 and Gretchen was happy to step in and love the babies. Gretchen has a beautiful servants heart and Liquid in blessed to have her as part of the Family Ministries team!

 Our Volunteer of the Week is Rachael Jarvis! Rachael served as our worship leader for both services the past 3 weeks!! Rachael is so energetic and gets our kids moving on Sunday mornings! Not only does she have an incredible voice & amazing moves - she demonstrates to our kids the love that she has for God! Rachael we are so grateful for you and the way you lead us to worship! Thank you for giving us your very best each week! Click on the video above to see her in action!

Our Volunteer of the Week (VOW) is Lauren Golias. Lauren has served in a few different capacities within Liquid Family. She started out as a buddy in elementary. She now has "Graduated " to middle school. Lauren has taken roles such as: small group leader, buddy and emcee all within our middle school environment. Thanks Lauren for all you do ....you are an incredible leader!

Tracee Flaherty is our VOW! Huge Shout out to Tracee Flaherty for going above and beyond to serve our toddlers on Easter Sunday!  Tracee recruited her daughter Cassie to join her to serve on Easter and was able to engage every junior helper in the room to make small story-time groups for the little ones.  She managed an enormous amount of toddlers with flawless composure and even had little slap bracelet Easter treats for each of her little people.  You're awesome Tracee!