Catholic Questions

Everybody has friends or family who are Catholic but they may not have been to Mass in years and wonder if there's still a place at church for them.  Catholic Questions is a message series exploring the faith of Protestants and Catholics-- with the goal of building bridges between both great traditions.  Together, we'll learn from each other and respectfully answer the questions on everyone's mind

Part 1 | Mar 7, 2010
Is your faith based on the Word of God or the traditions of man?
Part 2 | Mar 14, 2010
Am I saved by faith alone? What about sacraments, good deeds, and other stuff I do for God?
Part 3 | Mar 21, 2010
When it comes to the hereafter, is heaven now or later? What should I expect in the afterlife?
Part 4 | Mar 28, 2010
Is the sacrifice of the Mass necessary to be saved? Or is Communion a sign of sins forgiven "once for all"?