America is broke.  Our nation is drowning in debt.  Many families are underwater, defaulting on mortgages, struggling with unemployment, struggling to pay bills.  For the first time in history, U.S. credit has been downgraded. 

The truth is that Washington can’t fix this economy - our government is broke too.

Restoration begins one family at a time as we return to to God’s and grandma’s way of handling money.  Join us for “Broke” and discover God’s Recovery Plan.

Part 1 | Sep 18, 2011
It's hard to be a servant of Christ when you're a slave to Citibank. Learn why "debt" is a 4-letter word for most Americans & discover the way out!
Part 2 | Sep 25, 2011
Every dollar says "In God We Trust"... But do we really believe that?
Part 3 | Oct 2, 2011
There's a big difference between getting rich and being rich. Which are you?
Part 4 | Oct 9, 2011
With increasing poverty, comes increased opportunity for ministry. Learn from our brothers & sisters on the street.