Brand New You

74% of all New Years resolutions are broken within 36 hours.  And yet most of us want to make changes.  I will start exercising.  I will lose 10 pounds.  I will stick to a budget.  I will... I will... I will... And yet, most don't.  What will be different in for you in the New Year?

Part 1 | Jan 6, 2008
Got baggage? Would you like to check it for good? God is ready and willing to claim it, but we have to be willing to let it go. And not on a round-trip flight, but a one-way destination. Listen in as Pastor Tim describes how you can pack up the pain & hurt and take steps toward true heart healing. It's time to check your baggage... for good.
Part 2 | Jan 13, 2008
Mind over matter? Maybe. The way we think determines the way we act & that affects... everything. What goes into that brain of yours comes out in your everyday relationships. With God. With others. What’s your plan to “renew your mind” this year? Mind renewal is about more than reading books & mere information exchange; it’s about life transformation! Buckle up as Pastor Tom describes God’s plan for the renewing of your mind.
Part 3 | Jan 20, 2008
When it comes to money & stuff, there are the HAVES... and the HAVE NOTS. And then there are those who HAVE NOT paid for what they HAVE. Debt is a familiar 4-letter word for most of us-- it's an American way of life. But it's also a crippling way to live. It's hard (if not, impossible!) to be a follower of Jesus, when you're a slave to Citibank. Listen in as Pastor Tim shares God's eye-opening perspective on money & debt... and outlines a biblical roadmap toward financial freedom.
Part 4 | Jan 27, 2008
What's Your DevilDog? Food & Sex are natural appetites we all have... and God invites us to enjoy them! Then why are they trouble spots for so many of us? Listen in as Pastor Tim unmasks the DevilDog Deception in this week's eye-opening teaching!